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Monday, May 20, 2024

You're heartless, liar - Mohbad's father lambasts late son's wife

The father of the late Afro-pop star Mohbad, Mr. Joseph Aloba, has described the wife of his late son,  Cythia Adebanjo as 'heartless and a liar'.

Aloba, who was reacting to an interview Cynthia, granted an online news platform, Sahara reporters, accusing him of being the cause of the autopsy test failure, said, “Since my son's passing, Cynthia has continuously lied to the world about what happened to him. My question is, when will you tell the truth about what happened to Mohbad?

 Mohbad died in your presence, in your hands. I left him alive with you on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, and according to your story, he was dead by Tuesday, September 12. My only sin was asking you what killed my son. Why are you such a coward? If not, tell the world what you know about what happened to Mohbad.

“To set the record straight, on September 12, 2023, I received a call from Mohbad's mother that he was sick, and we went to Lekki together. The last time I saw my son was on Saturday, when his mother called me to help move some furniture from Lekki to her place in Ikorodu. 

Mohbad had a show in Ikorodu, where Wunmi claimed a fight occurred between him and a friend. Cynthia never called me on Sunday, September 10th, Monday, September 11th, or even on Tuesday, September 12th. It took Mohbad's mother to reach out to me. Is that the behavior of a good wife?

When I arrived at my son's house, I encountered a large crowd, as if a special event were happening. Ignoring the crowd, I went straight to his apartment and then to his room, where we often talked as father and son. I saw no one but a duvet stained with blood. It was only by God's grace that Mohbad’s aunt saw it too and brought it to public attention.

“Leaving the room, I was led to where my son lay lifeless by the staircase, having been cleaned, dressed, and embalmed locally.

 Seeing Mohbad's body made me realize the gravity of the situation. Different faces, including Mohbad’s lawyer, were present, and I was asked what I wanted to do with the body. Cynthia suggested I take him to Ekiti for a traditional burial. As a pastor, I refused and insisted on taking him to the morgue, but I needed a police report and a death certificate.

Darosha, Mohbad’s brother and personal assistant, called an ambulance. When they arrived, they confirmed his death before we went to the police station. At the station, the police wrote the report, and I signed it, but another officer intervened, preventing its release. All this time, Cynthia stayed in the car and did not help plead for the release of the report, knowing it was essential.

We then went to Ikorodu General Hospital, hoping they would take Mohbad’s body without the documentation. They refused. We had to find another ambulance that night since the original one only agreed to transport the body to Ikorodu General Hospital.

“If Cynthia did not hide anything, why didn't she take Mohbad to the morgue as advised? Her actions indicated she did not want the world to know what happened to Mohbad. If she truly wants justice for Mohbad, she would have followed the hospital's advice.

We left the police station with Cynthia Omowunmi Adebanjo and headed to Ikorodu General Hospital, hoping they would take pity on us and accept Mohbad’s body into the morgue. However, upon arrival, they refused to take the body because we lacked the necessary documentation. That night, we had to arrange for another ambulance, as the initial agreement was for the ambulance to transport the body from Lekki to Ikorodu General Hospital. Since they didn't accept the body, we had to find another ambulance.

“With Cynthia Omowunmi Adebanjo and others now spreading lies, we decided to bury Mohbad since no morgue would take his body. We agreed that Darosha would buy a casket in the morning while I arranged for people to prepare the burial site. At that moment, Cynthia never told me they had already taken Mohbad's body to two different hospitals in Lekki, one of which advised Wunmi to take the body to the morgue with the documents the hospital provided.

If Peres Hospital advised you to take the body to the morgue but didn’t provide documentation, why didn’t you ask for it? If you, Wunmi, were sincere and wanted justice for Mohbad, why didn’t you inform me, Baba Mohbad, that one hospital advised taking the body to the morgue? We could have gone to the hospital that night to collect the doctor’s report. Instead, Wunmi kept silent, fully aware of her actions, and took the body home.

“If Cynthia Omowunmi Adebanjo had nothing to hide, why didn’t she take Mohbad to the morgue as advised by Peres Hospital? Why did Wunmi bring Mohbad’s body home instead? From the onset, Wunmi’s actions have shown that she doesn’t want the world to know what happened to Mohbad.

 Her behavior indicates she doesn’t want Mohbad to get justice. If Wunmi truly wanted justice for Mohbad from the beginning, she would have followed the advice and taken him to the morgue. 

The result that the pathologist claimed was inconclusive would not have arisen if not for Cynthia Omowunmi Adebanjo's desire to obscure the truth about what happened to Mohbad. She does not want the world to know the real cause of his death. Although I have not seen or read the report myself, if what the pathologist says is true, it reflects poorly on Nigeria. 

It is shameful that, in our country, a pathologist can declare an exhumed body inconclusive after only nine days of burial. In advanced countries, even after years, they can determine the cause of death from just bones.”

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