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Thursday, May 2, 2024

New IPOB Threat: "Its mere propaganda", days of sit at home are over - DHQ

The defence headquarters has warned IPOB elements threatening to make May 30th another sit at home day to mourn their fallen fighters not to dare the armed forces of Nigeria saying "the days of sit at home are over"

Director of Defence Media Operations who said this in response to the threat by the seccessionist group state that in this regard their (IPOB) commanders and footsoldiers have been decimated.

He said, "The days of IPOB sit at home are over. That statement is mere propaganda. We have decimated that group. Severalof there senior commanders have been taken out. I assure you that people of the South East have nothing to worry about"

"The armed forces is building and maintaining the momentum against the terrorists and their cohorts across the country. Troops are conscious and are not loosing sight of  importance of  momentum, when it comes to fighting such vicious adversaries. 

"The current situation depict a strain of tactical achievements in degrading the terrorists by dismantling most of the terrorist infrastructure. It must be noted that, many of the terrorist commanders as well have been taken off the battlefield.  

"Ongoing operations have  suppressed  the terrorist  and prevented them from achieving their strategic objectives. Troops have equally denied the terrorist freedom of action and disrupted their actives, thereby reducing their effectiveness. 

"Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to rid the environment of terrorist and the military is not resting on its oars."

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