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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Insecurity: Declare national day of fasting, praises to avert looming disaster on Nigeria - Cleric tells Tinubu

The General Overseer of Thunder Rock Liberation Assembly, Soyooye, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Dr. Bakare Michael has called on the nation's leadership to declare national day of fasting, prayers and praises to avert the looming God's wrath on political functionaries, over their bad policies that had brought untold hardship to the masses.

Bakare made the call, while speaking during thanksgiving and Prophetic Declaration Service held in his church to intimate Nigerians about God's plans for the country in 2024.

While referring to the high spate of  insecurity, which has led to bloodshed of innocent people across the country, the man of God charged President Bola Tinubu, as well as leaderships of both Christianity and Islamic religions to hurriedly raise an altar of praises in order to avert the looming disaster with which God plans to visit the country over the inconveniences that has become the portions of innocent citizens.

Bakare foretold that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja will be under serious attack ordained by God Himself to drum to the hearings of the country leaders that "His absolutism is seriously interested in the plight of the ordinary citizens that are being terrorized through bad policies".

The cleric said God told him that year 2024 will be the period when He will visit His wraths on leaderships in Nigeria and take away souls of many who have brought hardship in the citizenry.

Describing year 2024 as "the year of God's vengeance", Bakare stated that God has revealed to him that Nigeria may not survive the looming tribulations under her leadership "genuinely return to Him through an altar of praises, fasting and prayers in Christianity and Islam", stressing that saints from the two predominant religions too would be "harvested home".

Quiting from from the Book of Ezekiel, the Cleric said, "I am not saying this because I want to make names, but because God has instructed me to sound this warning to the hearings of the country's leaders. God said, we should organize an atmosphere of praises for Him in fasting and prayers to avert His looming anger".

"God also told me that He will de-rank and take away, all those leaders, who ascended positions of authority, particularly political offices through bloodlettings. I am only telling the whole world about this revelations of God to Nigeria because He said there are too many bloodbath across the country which He can no longer tolerate ".

"So, if the political leadership in Nigeria refuses to do these, there is a havoc that is going to happen that will shock the entire world. God is ready to fight for His people, deliver the church and all the Saints irrespective of their religions. Only the justs will be exempted from the calamities that is beginning in April this year ".

"I have said that this public declaration is not meant for any undue attention but to obey the One who has sent me. This is because there had being this type of revelation in the past; January year 2020 to be precise when God told us in this church that there was going to be a world vacation, where no one would be able to go anywhere beginning from the month of March, year 2020. Unfortunately, that was when the COVID-19 pandemic started ".

"We said it loud and clear, but because some people were saying that God hid such from all the prophets in Nigeria, which was not so. Similarly, we raised an altar call about the sickness and eventual death of former President Shehu Musa Yar'Adua, which later came to pass. So, regarding this year's April disaster, I have said and delivered God's message concerning this country and my hands are clean".

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