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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Dr Farounbi, Prof Adesina to Dissect Need to Rethink Nigeria's Federalism on BOILING POINT ARENA

The popular 'Boiling Point Arena', a monthly online discourse on governance and national development, will feature two of Nigeria's foremost nationalists and patriots, Dr Yemi Farounbi and Prof. Olutayo Adesina as  they dissect the topic: "Travails of Nigeria's Federalism and the Imperative of Rethinking our System of Government".

Boiling Point Arena, the 10th in the series, which will hold online on Sunday August 13, 2023 via 'Google Meet' is expected to be transmitted live by an Abeokuta-based radio station, Sweet 107.1FM,  for the two hour duration from 8pm to 10pm.

It promises to be an exciting conversation with Dr Yemi Farounbi, a media icon and former Nigeria's Ambassador to Phillipines and the Kingdom of Cambodia as well as renown historian and scholar, Prof Olutayo Adesina of the University of Ibadan, when they offer interesting perspectives on the subject matter.

Boiling Point Arena, a monthly current affairs programme with an incredibly large online followership, is the brainchild of the Initiator and Convener, Mr. Ayo Arowojolu, a Media Professional with 33 years multi-varied work career spanning the media, banking and education sectors.

According to a statement by the Chairman, Organizing Committee for the programme,  Mr Eddy Ademosu, one of Nigeria's notable Public Relations Icon, the interview discourse will in particular revisit the foundational identity crisis of Nigeria from nationhood and the various systems of government that have brought the country to almost the edge of a precipe.

With a view to proffering lasting solutions capable of bringing the country out of the doldrums, the duo will expectedly navigate various options in terms of either returning to the old Parliamentary System or retaining the current American-styled democracy or even a home-grown option as a bail-out strategy.

Also anticipated to be hotly debated is the contentious issue of the expensive Bi-camera legislature as to whether or not to be jettisoned and the increasingly worrisome bloated cost of governance.

Mr Ademosu commended the Management of Sweet FM, chaired by the CEO, Senator Olugbenga Obadara for identifying with worthy causes through partnering with the Boiling Point platform to widen the audience reach through its terrestrial and online channels 

BOILING POINT, a news and general interest platform comprises an array of eminent personalities including over 200 Professors, technocrats, industry leaders, High Court Justices, traditional rulers, security top shots, media professionals and several others.

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