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Friday, December 9, 2022

Sex worker charged with assaulting colleague for charging cheaper than others

By Editor

A sex worker has been arraigned in court for assaulting a colleague who was charging lower from clients seeking their services.

Mariam Imodia who appeared before Mombasa Senior principal magistrate Vincent Adet, pleaded guilty to charges of occasioning actual bodily harm to Gladys Ahela.

It was gathered that the victim Ahela had relocated to Saba Saba area within the Mombasa Central Business District ( CBD) in Kenya, following an influx of visitors from upcountry during the festive season.

Imodia was reportedly angered with the Ksh150 price the victim was charging her customers and the many clients she was receiving in a day.

Recounting what happened between them, Ahela said; 

"A client had earlier approached me and enquired how much l was charging. l said Ksh150. She [the accused] overhead our conversation and told the rest of us [sex workers] that l was charging lower prices which are usually charged in Likoni and not around Mombasa CBD. She warned me that their prices ranged from Ksh350 and above."

Ahela said she was verbally attacked by Mariam Imodia whenever she saw her around their work area. She alleged that each time Imodia sees her, she always says "those who prefer to sell themselves at a cheaper price have arrived."

Ahela who is heavily pregnant further revealed that after she confronted Imoda on why she developed a habit of attacking her, she (Imodia) attacked and assaulted her. 

She added; "Your honour judge, as you can see I'm younger compared to her so l know how to make my clients happy and that is why they keep on coming back." 

Imodia on her own part, admitted in court that she assaulted the young sex worker after she rendered her and others jobless by charging low prices.

She said; "I'm a mother to two children l felt bad since she had taken all our clients."

After the magistrate asked both parties how they want the matter to be resolved, the complaint informed the court she wants to be paid Ksh40,000 to cater for her medical expenses following the assault.

Ahela said; "I have been out of work following the assault. l have been jobless since l cannot have sex because l sustained injuries on my leg and hip. l request you to order her to compensate me for the days l have been unable to work and for my treatment." 

The magistrate ordered the suspect to be released on a cash bail of Ksh5,000. He further allowed the duo two weeks to try and resolve the matter.

Adet said; "I hereby order that you be released on a cash bail of Ksh5,000. During the two weeks, try to end the matter failure to which l will sentence you in accordance with the law."

The magistrate also warned the duo against engaging in fights.


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