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Friday, June 10, 2022

APC Primaries: Address injustice against some aspirants, Group appeals Abiodun, APC

By Peter Adedoyin

A political group in Ogun State; 'Concerned APC Members Platform (CAMP)' has called on the State Governor, Dapo Abiod Peterun and the leadership of the party in the state, to address some 'perceived injustices' against some aspirants during the recently held primaries of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) across Ogun State.

The Coordinator of the group, Olushola Oyapidan, alleged that some of those who aspired for elective positions in the party were not given a level playing field to contest, some were discriminated against while others were completely disenfranchised, pointing out that their teeming supporters amongst the delegates could not cast their votes while the exercise lasted.

The group therefore called on the Governor Abiodun and other leaders of the party in the state to urgently address the issue with the view to calm down fray nerves and forestall any moves by some self-centered and destructive characters whose machination is militating against the cohesion of the party. 

According to Oyapidan, "we want things to be fair, orderly and peaceful. This is why we launched APC Concerned Leaders and People in order to ensure that grassroot members of our party are given equal opportunities to operate within the party's structure".

He added, "Our platform has, within the period of it existence operated as a conveyor belts between the leaders and other members of the party, adding that they believed, for true development of the party, it is only apposite to promote harmony within the party and steer clear anything that could intersperse it teeming members across the state.

The group said, they believed in the fact that the party's decision superseded that of any individual, they however urged the leadership of the party to also realise that power resided with the people, and urged them to handle power with civility, because according to him, "ultimate power belongs to God" 

He disclosed that "the activities of the few but selfish individuals in Odogbolu Local Government has heightened the political temperature in Ogun State, which the group considered as inimical to the collective interest of the people of Odogbolu State Constituency who  are frustrated with the so called status quo. "They are crying for Change".

The leader said, "having been present on the day of the election, we heard and saw all that  happened. We can confidently say the primaries have not been done. What was done was presided over by one of the aspirants who took advantage of her incumbency to subvert the will of the majority of persons in our constituency.
We consider it a rape of our democracy".

"It is unimaginable to submit our aspirant to a primary that is presided over by another aspirant, who showed up at the venue with a prepared result of the election that had not been held".

"We urge the governor of our Gateway to listen to  the voices of the people, which, according to a postulate is the voice of God".

"They urged the governor to use his good offices to redress the anomalies that characterized the primaries of the party in the state, particularly Odogbolu, where some privileged aspirants held sway and controlled the procedures of the primary to their merit and   demerit of other contestants

 "All Progressives Congress (APC), in Ogun State should ensure the needful is done. We know rule laid down by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and the untiring efforts of our Peace loving, forward looking  governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun has been making to give the people an all inclusive administration in the last three years". 

"It is unfortunate that some elements are trying to bungle it, hence all well meaning individuals in the party should stand up and ensure the illegality perpetrated was not allowed to stand". 

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