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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Sit up and act like a true opposition party, Ogun APC tells PDP


Ogun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the state to sit up, settle its  unending internal wranglings and then play the proper role of an opposition party, instead of embarrassing itself and its members by making uninformed comments about the art of governance.
The APC, in a statement released in Abeokuta and signed by its Assistant Publicity Secretary, Olusola Ogunsanya, said: "To say we are bewildered as to how a fractious Ogun State PDP, which has not been able to resolve its over a decade-old internal crises, finds it convenient to pontificate on issues of administration and governance, is to say the least.
The statement reads further: “The crises that have dogged the Ogun State PDP have been between Ladi Adebutu and many of its chieftains, including a former governor, ex-ministers and lawmakers. It is such that stakeholders within the party have said, rightly so, what they have is not a party but Lado Adebutu Dictatorial  Organisation (LADO) where he and his lackeys call the shots.
"One would have expected the Ogun State PDP to remove the log in its own eyes before attempting to remove the non-existing speck in another person's eyes. The tattered party would prefer to gloss over the issues in their wobbling fold and pretend to be well-meaning over things that they know next to nothing about.
"For instance, their so-called principal and serial governorship candidate is not known to have successfully administered any business of his own in the last 12 years. The party that he claims to lead is even more divided across the state than it has ever been. One who could not even manage a relationship with his Deputy Governorship Candidate within two years, claims to have what it takes to manage a state like Ogun.
"We wish to urge the PDP in Ogun State to reinvent itself and be repositioned to play its role as an opposition party for the advancement of our democracy and the benefit of our people. Anything short of this is deceit and political shadow-boxing, which the sophisticated and good people of Ogun State can see through.
“It is unfortunate that in this modern day trend of democracy, a party that touts itself as “opposition” cannot even manage an internal assignment as simple as membership registration.
“The PDP like the Bourbons of France have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing; no wonder the people of Ogun State continue continue to reject them."

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