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Monday, May 6, 2024

NNPP Crisis: Don't refer to me as factional leader - Aniebonam

Dr. Aniebonam

....I'm party's founder  

Founder of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, has appealed to the Nigeria media to stop referring to him as leader of a faction of the party.

Aniebonam in a statement in Lagos said: "the media in particular, should please do me a favour and stop referring to me as a leader of a faction in NNPP. 

"I am the founder and father of the  NNPP since  2002  till date and it is not in contest. I still hold the certificate of registration of the party.

"A faction going by dictionary definition is a small group within a larger group. Therefore, it is Kwankwaso and his followers that were a faction before he was expelled from the NNPP."

Aniebonam said he regretted the turn of events after offering the sole candidacy of the NNPP to Sen. Rabiu Kwanwkwaso in 2023,  as its presidential candidate.

"I regret  that I came with clean mind and at no cost with  members of the NNPP national executive committee and members to help  Kwanwkwaso and his kwankwasiya movement to contest elective positions in the 2023 general elections.

"I regret to note the turn of events at the moment but really, there is nothing to worry about, it is my belief that a day shall come when peace shall return to the NNPP.

"Therefore, I want to state clearly that i do not know if there is a faction in the NNPP. It shall never be my intention to lead a faction in a party that I founded, nurtured, financed and supervised its growth and development for 22 years before the entry of Kwankwaso.and his kwankwasiya movement. 

"Unfortunately, elder Buba Galadima, who led a delegation of highly respected Nigerians to my country home in Umuawulu town in Awka South local government area of Anambra,  today found on national television, displaying an uncommon character of an elder which is disheartening. 

"It is my belief that the end shall justify the means and  coercion and application of non conformity means do not usually resolve internal crisis. 

"The silence of Kwankwaso under the circumstances may not present him as a character that can advance the course of a greater Nigeria of our dreams. God's decision is supreme. 

 "Under the canopy of NNPP,  I am Kwankwaso's leader and so he should stop undue arrogance and avoidable pride and can still reactivate his Alliance National Party and continue his journey to the presidential villa.'

Aniebonam said that what should be uppermost in the  minds  of Nigerians should be joining hands with President Bola Tinubu at this trial time to achieve the mantra of 'Renewed Hope' for Nigeria of our dreams . 

"Nigeria needs a great leader to take strong decisions and so let's work hard, exercise patience, make sacrifices and it shall be well with us."

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