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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ekweremadu offered me tricycle, but - David's father

The father of David Ukpo, Mr. Nwamini Ukpo, has said that the family of Senator Ike Ekweremadu offered him a tricycle in his family compound in Ebonyi State, but he rejected it.

He disclosed this at his family compound in Ndioffia Ishieke, Ebonyi State, in the presence of community members as well as the head pastor of the Nigeria Reform Church (NRC), Reverend Igweali Linus, where David Ukpo worshipped as a chorister.

Speaking on the offer, Nwamini said, “Since the issue of my son being taken to the United Kingdom became a global issue, none of the Ekweremadu family visited us immediately. It was when the case was being handled by the UK government that a group of people came, saying they were from Ekweremadu and decided to offer me a tricycle, which I rejected.

“I rejected it because that was not what I needed. I just want to have the chance to speak to my son again. I am only trying to be strong for my wife, who is the mother of David, because it hurts me inside. As you can see, my legs are swollen, and that started the day I heard of David's disappearance. My heart beats fast, and as such, I have stopped farming work.”

One of David Ukpo’s uncles, who resides in the city and is often the intermediary between the Ekweremadu family and his family, stated that the family only wants an opportunity to speak with their son to know if he is alive or not. He said, “The last and only time the family of Ekweremadu has come to our village was to present my brother, Nwamini Ukpo, with an offer as compensation, which he rejected. He told them that he has nothing to do with their offer but wants to have access to his son.”

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