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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Accord Party begins transformative journey ahead 2027 general elections in Ogun

In a bold move towards the 2027 general election, the Accord Party in Ogun State has unveiled series of initiatives aimed at reshaping its political status, presence and structure in the state. 

Mr Rotimi Oke, a Leader of the party in the state disclosed this in a statement issued in Abeokuta on Wednesday.

Oke noted that  the party was poised to propel itself to victory with a commitment to accessibility, engagement and good governance.

The Accord Party leader said the party had relaunched its online registration platform, catering to both existing and new members, ensuring every voice is heard and accounted for. 

He added that the establishment of the Students Chapter, encompassing students from all higher learning institutions across the state, would expand the party's reach and inject youthful energy into its ranks.

He emphasised that the party's dedication to inclusivity, gender equality, and good governance, affirmed its readiness to embrace diverse voices, including People Living With Disabilities (PLWD), in its decision-making processes.

"The party's footprint is set to expand significantly, with plans to establish a presence in all 20 local government areas and 236 Wards across the state. 

"This broad reach signifies the party's determination to engage with citizens at the grassroots level, fostering meaningful connections and understanding the needs of the people firsthand.

"Importantly, Accord Party  is committed to upholding a standard of integrity and merit in candidate selection, unlike traditional practices that mainly favour the highest bidder or party defectors, by most political parties during election season.

" Accord pledges to only nominate individuals of proven character and dedication to public service. Automatic nominations will not be entertained but, a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates represent the party's aspirations at any time.

"As the party extends an open invitation to new members, the opportunity to contest for executive positions at the state, local government, and ward levels remains accessible to all. 

 "The Accord Party's journey towards the 2027 election in Ogun State heralds a new era of progressive politics, characterized by inclusivity, integrity, and purpose-driven leadership. 

"With its eyes set firmly on the future, Accord Party stands poised to usher in a transformative era of governance that prioritizes the welfare and aspirations of all citizens," he said.

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