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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Employer, son beat security man to death

A young man has reportedly died at the Eto Baba community of the Jos North local government area of Plateau State following an alleged torture by his employer.

The young man, sources said was a security guard at a poultry farm and was accused of stealing eggs by his employer, an attempt to torture him to confess to the allegation turned sour as the victim collapsed and died in the process.

When some youths got wind of the development, they mobilized to set ablaze the property of the said employer as she escaped with her family members.

The State Police Command through the Police Spokesman, DSP Alfred Alabo confirmed the incident.

He said, “I can confirm that there was an incident there, but we are investigating, the people are at the Police Station now, when the DPO there finishes his work, he will give the true situation of what happened.”

However, residents of Eto Baba, Margaret Emmanuel and Philomena Yakubu narrated the incident and confirmed security personnel were still patrolling the community to restore calm.

According to Margaret, “This morning at about 9 am, I saw smoke and people were running around so I thought it was another crisis so I stepped into the street to see what was happening.

“I saw people running with chickens and I was told that a woman who owns a poultry farm along the Eto Baba Road before the Water Board engaged a young man to watch over the poultry farm but she accused the boy of stealing the eggs.

“This morning, she went to meet the boy and in the process of making him confess to the accusation, she and her son beat the boy and the boy died. So, the incident infuriated some people who went and burnt the woman’s house and the poultry farm. The big farm was emptied and set ablaze. Police were here but there was nothing they could do about it.”

Philomena added, “A young man who was the security guard at the poultry farm was accused of stealing a crate of eggs by his employer. I was told that she beat the boy to death and immediately after the news got out, the people rushed to the scene.

“But the woman and her family members had run away so the people vandalized her property, setting them ablaze. The house and the poultry are not far from each other. Right now, the security personnel are everywhere from Eto Baba to Angwan Rukuba. People are going about their businesses.”

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