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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Osun Deputy Governor drums support of oath taking with cutlass, gun

Osun State's Deputy Governor, Kola Adewusi has disclosed that taking oath of office by politicians with cutlasses and guns would not be a bad idea.

Speaking during the inauguration of Executive Committee of Traditional Religion Worshippers Association in Osun State, (TRAWSO), he said, it would not be a bad idea if politicians swear oath of office using traditional means.

Represented by the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Abiodun Ojo, he said, if deploying traditional oath taking would curb corruption, it should be given a chance.

"If deploying the guns and cutlasses traditionalist used for oath of office would make our society better, It's okay. It's not a bad concept, for me, it's a good idea.

"A lot of people believe the system acts faster than our considerable God. It depends on beliefs and perspectives. But if it curb corruption, we can try it too", he added.

Earlier in his speech, Dr Oluseyi Atanda, who was re-elected Chairman of the group, challenged politicians in the country to embrace traditional oath taking, saying it would curb corruption.

"We serve as an example to all. Traditional oath taking is not fetish or devilish, but the way to go. We took oath in the ways of our forefathers and today, we are all alive. I challenge our political leaders to come back to tradition. Let us take oath of office within our spirituality, culture and tradition. 

"Our society would be better for it once we do that. The public officer afraid of traditional oath taking is a corrupt officer", he added.

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