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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Chinese supermarket in Abuja denies Nigerians entry

A Chinese supermarket in Abuja has come under fire after a Nigerian man was denied entry, with the management reportedly citing restrictions on Nigerian customers.

In the viral footage, the unidentified Nigerian man can be seen expressing his frustration and shock as he is turned away at the supermarket entrance.

The management reportedly cited restrictions on Nigerian customers, prompting the man to voice his dismay at the discriminatory treatment.

In his statement captured in the video, the man lamented the situation, noting the inconvenience of having to seek out alternative shopping venues despite his interest in exploring Chinese cuisine and products.

The video has sparked a wave of criticism, with many condemning the actions of the supermarket management and highlighting the irony of a Chinese-owned establishment in Nigeria excluding its host citizens

@Jessica_Egbedi: wrote: We can take nonsense in this country…
Is there a supermarket in china that is strictly for Nigerians there?
People that sees us as nothing, smh

@Ugochukwu_96: Even inside our own country, foreigners dey see us finish. They’ll see us finish in their country and still come to our own country and see us finish still. Nawa for Nigerians. We know how to tolerate a lot of rubb!sh.

@__Fateeymah: To be honest this is uncalled for because why will all of this be happening in a country with government but If no be busybody, wetin you sef dey find go Chinese restaurant? Dem tell you say dem dey sell jollof rice or Amala for the place?

@ill_nojie: We should tag the police department. Make them no say them no know.
abeg tell your people about this sir.

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