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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

“Arrest Bobrisky or I become a crossdresser” – Verydarkblackman

Controversial activist VeryDarkBlackMan (VDM) has called for the arrest of popular transgender figure Bobrisky.

 Following VDM’s recent release from police custody, VDM has adamantly declared his determination to pursue legal action until Bobrisky faces incarceration due to his transgender lifestyle.

In a statement, VDM went as far as to issue an ultimatum, threatening to adopt a cross-dressing persona himself if Bobrisky remains at large beyond the span of a week. 

Justifying his stance, VDM emphasized his belief that Bobrisky’s actions are undermining the essence of womanhood, asserting that true womanhood transcends mere verbal declarations.

Addressing the Nigerian Police directly via a video shared on his Instagram account, VDM’s words were resolute: “Nigerian Police, if you don’t arrest Bobrisky, I’d turn to a crossdresser… Dear hajiyas, I apologize in advance for what I am about to do, but then we are all girls.”

The plea from VDM underscores the ongoing controversy surrounding Bobrisky and highlights the complexities of societal perceptions regarding gender identity and expression.

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