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Monday, March 4, 2024

Sustenance of School Legacy: Alumni have major roles to play - Ogunsemi

By Demilade Michael

The  Chairman, Board of Trustee of Association of University of Liberia, Alumni, Nigeria and Diaspora, (ASULAND) Colonel Oluwole Ogunsemi (rtd) has said that alumni have a major role to play in the sustenance of their school legacy, and therefore should act as advocates in the re-branding of their alma maters.

He therefore called for a stronger and vibrant network among schools’ alumni, to help sustain the values and principles of their alma maters.

Colonel Ogunsemi made the call at the 2024  reunion meeting of the Alumni Association hosted by Mr and Mrs Benjamin Osibodu, in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He said it was imperative for the alumni to substantially give back to their alma mater, saying that if done , they would always be partners in progress to the institution.

He said ASULAND is embarking on the launching of an endowment fund of N100m for infrastructure, and other needs of Liberia University, Monrovia

He said as an association, it's imperative to bring to bear individual talents and expertise to enhance the growth and development of their alma mater.

Rtd Colonel Ogunsemi who is of 1976 year group, called on federal government to properly look into the blacklisting of some foreign Universities, saying that the involvement of State Ministry of Education will curb the negative trend that may have warranted the blacklisting

"Before we traveled out, in Our own case in 1972/73, you are supposed to collect a letter or clearance from your State Ministry of Education, they will first check out information about the University you want to attend wether it's authentic and the certificate tenable in Nigeria. I collected my own from the Old Oyo State then, with that, it will reduce the sharp practices from the University and the intending Students too.

The President of the association, Mr. Kola Abdul said the association was formed to bring together graduates of the university to assist themselves and as well find means of giving back to their alma mater, which played great roles in forming and shaping their lives.

Speaking on the endowment fund of N100 million for the institution, Mr. Abdul said, when we realize the money, the association will liase with the Department in charge of the Alumni Association, to discuss and see which area our association can intervene. Our intention is to have legacy projects that would be named after ASULAND.

On the certificate scandal by some universities in West African countries, Mr. Abdul blamed it on Nigerian embassies in the affected countries, saying that if the embassies were alive to their responsibilities, such problems would have been nipped in the bud.

He noted that "the Nigerian factor", has eaten deep into the fabrics of all cadre of the Nigerian system.

Such rubbish can never happen in Liberia, because after our graduation, when we came back, we were robbing shoulder with our counterparts from Nigerian universities.

On his part, the host of the maiden reunion, who doubles as the Social Secretary of the association, Pastor Benjamin Osibodu, called for change in Nigeria education system.

According to Osibodu, Nigeria education system teaches to memorize, while the American system of education, adopted by Liberia teaches to understand. It develops the learners from the ground up. In Liberia, if you don't understand what you were taught in one level, you cannot go to the next level.

In Nigeria, we have bunch of educated people who are not thinkers, but in America system, you will be forced to think. The system developed us inside-out. It developed our emotional intelligence, but Nigeria education only produces intellectual, who are not emotional intelligent.

Speaking on why he hosted the meeting, Pastor Osibodu said his passion for the association made him to volunteer to host the reunion.

He added that the reunion afford them the opportunity of seeing themselves after over 40 years of their graduation.

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