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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Food security: Ogun Commissioner advocates for proper pest control mechanism


The Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Ola Oresanya has advocated for the use of biological pest control instead of the present popular chemical pest control, on all agricultural produce both during production and storage stages for the country to attain food security.

Oresanya, who disclosed this at while declaring open a one-day workshop with the theme "Modern Pest Management Practice in Environmental Health", put together by the Ogun State Ministry of Environment in conjunction with the Pest Control Association of Nigeria (PECAN), said the chemical pest control method has risks inherent in their importation and application.

According to him, until all stakeholders in the agriculture value chain put their heads together and fashion out acceptable pest control mechanism that will take into consideration our cultural and environmental health values, it will be difficult for  the country to attain food security, as pests attack will continue to have devastating effects on our agricultural output and thereby reducing the tonnage of food available in the country.

He said, prior to the advent of chemicals, there were ways God created biological control through ecological balance where plants are used to control pests infestation which he said are not only natural but safe.

He therefore challenged participants at the workshop to further study nature and exploit the eco-balance for effective pest control, rather than relying on chemicals whose quality are sometimes doubtful and their applications subjective.  

While describing Pest Control Association Of Nigeria, which launched its Ogun state chapter during the workshop as key in environmental health management of any nation, Oresanya charged members to purge themselves of quakery as their assignment are not only knowledge-based, but competency-related, as any slip from them can be fatal  to the society.

Responding, the National President of PECAN, Olakunle Williams commended the state government for hosting the workshop, saying it would go a long way in safeguarding public and environmental health.

Dr Olusegun Ogunyanwo in his presentation titled "People and Environment", said the regular collaboration between government, regulatory bodies and associations would ensure improvement and effectiveness of pest control regulations which would have salutory effects on environmental health of the populace as well as food security of the nation.

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