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Monday, December 18, 2023

We met all constitutional provisions before defecting from PDP - Rivers 27 lawmakers

The factional Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Martins Chike Amaewhule said the twenty seven lawmakers decided to defect from the People's Democratic Party,  PDP to the All Progressives Congress, APC because of the crisis rocking the state chapter of the PDP.

Amaewhule also said that they left their former party because President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is doing very well with the appointments of Rivers indigenes into various key positions in his government.

The lawmaker stated that the 4-man group led by Rt. Hon Edison Ehie cannot form a quorum and whatever they are doing in the name of the Assembly is null and void.

Speaking during a dedication service and stakeholders meeting of the APC in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital on Sunday, Amaewhule said "we begged Mr President, the former president could not attend to the  problems of the State, so we begged Mr President (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) that we have a problem. Look at the east west road. The road leading to Ogoni, the president that is not in our party unlike the previous president. The president gave us his words and said go back home irrespective of your party, I am a detribalized Nigerian, that's what the president told us.

"We defected in line to the provision of the 1999constitution, section 109. We didn't do anything contrary to the constitution. We have evidence that there is crisis in the PDP. We have every right under the constitution to defect.

"We hear that some four persons gathered and are meeting somewhere we don't know. What they are doing Rivers people should know it today the House of Assembly of any state is defined by the Constitution. The only way you can reconvene the House, you need to have quorum and quorum is 11. if you are not upto 11, anything you are doing is a family meeting.

 Anything they told you they have done, ignore them. It's null and void. The law is clear anything you are doing, you must do it in line with the dictates of the constitution and the standing orders of the Rivers House of Assembly. We are 27 in all. They are just four. So whenever we meet who is meeting, it's Rivers State House of Assembly".

Amaeehule explained that the 27 members defected in line with section 109 of the 1999 constitution, having notice that there is crisis in the PDP.

Listing other reasons why they defected from the party, Amaewhule said "the east west road, work is on going and in no distance time that project will be completed. Access to the refinery , access to all the companies along the stretch of the road will be complete that is the president that says a thing and he does it. Do you know what the president is doing since he became president he has given appointments to Rivers people irrespective of parties. Mr President for the first time gave a strategic appointment for somebody that is not from his party. It's not only the appointment of the FCT Minister, he has given appointments to many Rivers sons. 

"All the people he appointed are not APC members. The president shows that he is detribalized. So in making a choice of which party to go to this is a president that means well for the people. Let me inform you we have done investigation and we know that in the coming weeks , early next week, a lot will be done and we believe that when we have Petroleum products refined in this part of the country, prices of petroleum products will drop".

Amaewhule noted that a lot of work is going on in the Port Harcourt refinery now. But let me tell you something that is very important, I did not say that everything is well in the country. The president has started well and the foundation is strong. The president needs the support of Nigerians. 

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