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Monday, November 6, 2023

Supreme Court judgement: Cases are won on evidence and law - APC tells Obi

The ruling All Progressives Congress APC has reacted to criticisms of the Supreme Court by the Labour Party LP Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi, saying Obi's haughty sense of entitlement makes him think that cases are won based on public opinion, rather than on evidences and law.

APC spokesman, Felix Morka in a late statement issued in Abuja said everything in Nigeria cannot be all about Obi who he said had been a beneficiary of he courts before.

The statement reads; "In his belated and grouchy reaction to the judgment of the Supreme Court dismissing his appeal against the electoral victory of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Peter Obi, candidate of the Labour Party, stated that 'the Supreme Court exhibited a disturbing aversion to public opinion just as it abandoned its responsibility as a court of law and policy.'

"At his Press Conference earlier today, November 6, 2023, Obi, again blamed our democratic institutions, particularly the courts for not awarding him victory - not because he won the election, not because he proved his case in court as required by law but because he is Peter Obi. That haughty sense of entitlement seems to pervade his vitriolic attack on our institutions. 

"Mr Obi’s gross inability to distinguish between his warped version of public opinion and reality has been his greatest undoing throughout the electioneering season. Taken by the mass hysteria of his vociferous netizens and fringe supporters, Mr Obi ensconced himself in alternate reality, a parallel political universe of self delusion. 

"As 'someone who has previously benefited from the rulings of the Supreme Court on electoral matters', Obi’s acerbic attack on the judiciary only belies his arrogance and vainness. When the same courts previously decided in his favor, the courts were beacons of democracy. Now that the decisions are against him, all of a sudden, the courts have betrayed democracy. Mr Obi, it cannot always be about you. It must always be about our country. Cases are not won on public opinion, they are won on evidence and the law. You failed on both counts. 

"We welcome Mr Obi’s decision to engage in opposition politics going forward. We urge Obi and his Labour Party to do so maturely and constructively, and contribute to the important task of building a safer, stronger and more prosperous country for us all".

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