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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Kogi Guber: It’ll be a tragedy if my party wins - Sen. Kadiri

The Senator who represented Kogi East at the beginning of the 4th Republic (1999-2003), Alex Kadiri has said it would be a tragedy is the All Progressives Congress, APC, wins the November 11, 2023 Kogi State governorship election. 

Kadiri, a  Kogi State chieftain of the APC, said this while speaking with journalists in Abuja.

He described his  party’s performance in Kogi State over the last eight as a waste because the quality of life of ordinary citizens has been on a steady decline. 

Kadiri said, “Where are we going in this country? The thing that pained my heart is what is going on in Kogi State. I have said it openly at the APC national secretariat, I have said it in press releases and the party does not care. 

“As we are talking, my party is fielding a candidate to succeed Yahaya Bello. I think it will be a tragedy if my Party wins the election on the 11th of this Month. What have we done to justify being reelected? 

“What we have is bloodshed, shooting, killings left, right and center and all the security are just looking, nothing nobody has been arrested or apprehended. 

“No gun has been retrieved or recovered. Before, they used to shoot in the night, but now, they shoot in broad day light, nobody is apprehended, people are dying and we want to say we have won election on that platform and you ask people to go to the tribunal, which tribunal?

“ I think this party is taking Nigerians for granted too much. It is unfair, we have not conquered Nigeria, Nigerians are being treated like conquered people. 

“Unfortunately with this system that we have, criminals are in charge left right and center. Criminals have all the means,they have all the funds.

“I think it is not right, this country is dying slowly, please do not kill it. I want to be alive to see things change for the better but things are getting worse, getting extreemly bad while I am still watching.”

The former federal lawmaker also commended Senator Natasha Akpoti Uduagjan for her fighting and never say die attitude in pursuing her stolen mandate. 

He said, “I like Natasha's case, she is a dogged fighter. She used to be a school mate to my last daughter in the University. 

“I have not seen or spoken to her is the last two years but I kike her fighting spirit, though she actually won her election Tribunal or no Tribunal. Denying somebody victory is wrong. “

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