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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Widow venture into water vendor job to cater for her six children in Kano


A Kano based widow and mother of six has ventured into the job of water vendor to put food on the table for her six children.

The woman, simply identified as Malama Gambo who in a video on social media, was seen pushing the jerrican in wheel barrow, although seen putting on a veil covering parts of her face except the eye.

Gambo, said she resorted to the business in Riminkebe, Ungogo Local Government area and her neighborhood, after she lost her husband and not buoyant to pay their house rent, send the children to school and others.

She narrated that she had been evicted from a rented house at the area for inability to pay the annual rent and now squatting temporarily in a single room offered to her by a kind neighbor, who is also struggling with life, adding that the situation had become unbearable for her as she could not take care of the six orphans, who are yet to grow up to support her.

According to her, "As I am speaking now, I have to push this cart to get the money to feed my children. I am a widow with six orphans and no one to support me.

"We don’t have shelter. Our landlord had since evicted us for failure to pay the annual rent. I have been in this ordeal since the death of my husband and I don’t have anybody to support me.

"I deemed it wise to look for a means of survival. That is why I have come with this idea to hire a cart and be selling water to cater for my children," Gambo, a middle-aged woman narrated.

However, Executive Director of Creative Helping the Needy Foundation in the state, Fauziyya D. Suleman, who posted the woman's video on her Facebook page and expressed shock over her predicament had appealed to the general public to support the woman to pay her rent and take her children back to school.

Fauziyya, who doubles as the the Senior Special Assistant to the Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf on Vulnerable and Needy, had also organized an appeal fund for the window as she had dropped her NGO’s account details for those willing to support her.

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