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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Seafood dealers may not support Tinubu in 2027

The National Association of Nigerian Sea Food Dealers has alleged that its over 15 million members nationwide were abandoned after working assiduously for the success of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2023 general election. 

They warned that unless something was done to assuage them  by carrying them along in governance, they may not pitch their tent with the ruling party again; come 2027.

Comrade Sani Usman Rilwan, Natioanal President of Nigerian Sea Food Dealers and member; Elders Advisory Council of Amalgamated APC Support Group,said in an interview that prior to the general election, it was agreed by the party's presidential campaign council that they were going to be recognised and be given appointments when government is formed .

Rilwan who is also the Coordinator of Didi Support Group Nationwide , lamented that they were now abandoned .

"I'm an APC chieftain, my  political journey started since during the defunct APP to CPC to APC.Infact, when we were working for the success of the APC prior to the 2023 General election, we were being mocked at, they called us names such as round nut sellers, dabino sellers, whatsoever ."

"That was when we were fighting on how to bring  in this government on board ..Even El-Rufai, during his time, he abandoned us," he alleged. 

He said he belonged to an Amalgamated Group of APC supporters who.worked  tirelessly for the success of President Tinubu. 

"This  APC alnagamaed group included our association of fishermen with over 15 million people as members that cut across all the states of the federation."

"We all agreed, by the Presidential Council that if this government is formed,we were gong to be recognised and given appointments to support the fishery sector in Nigeria, that's the leadership of which I an the President ."

"I was also a presidential aspirant in YPP, I was Zonal Chairman of YPP in the Northwest. When I heard Asiwaju won the primacy election, I decided to work for him because he is a man of integrity. I joined the APC to support Asiwaju to victory."

"But to my surprise,some of the people that get appointments  in this government, majority of them were not part of the Presidential Campaign Council. We that worked day and night during the campaign, we are not even recognised. They don't even know us , now."

"I intend to see our Party Chairman Ganduje, i attempted twice but could not get in touch with him.Ive not written letters but I've contracted members of the Presidential Campaign  Council  but they're not responding," he alleged. 

"I'm afraid of my Association, I told the members this government is definitely going to  recognise them.I don't want them to become victim of circumstances, that is why I said Tinubu may not win 2027 Presidential election; since members of the Presidential Campaign Council Directorate were being avoided."

"Actually, I don't know what to tell the association. I know what I told them before we agreed; then National Chairman of APC Abdullahi Adamu asked all of us to amalgamate so as to strengthen our support for Asiwaju. We love Asiwaju and that is why I'm propelled to come our and talk."

"I want this government to recognise the people who worked day and night for the success of the party during the campaign period. We are talking so that the President will know what is happening on ground, if he doesn't know."

"I tried to meet Asiwaju by talking to the Director General of the Amalgamated Council, to book for an appointment for us to see Asiwaju,to advise him on one or two things,for instance why did the past government failed? It's because they refused to use the registered  business people institutions, to know what's happening from the grassroots."

"These are the ones who know the problem of business people in Nigeria and I believe if Tinubu considered these class of business people in Nigeria,he will succeed because we are the ones who know the problem of today's Nigeria. But we are ignored .How would the government know the problems of the nation?This may affect his chances in 2027."

"The case in Kaduna is almost the same with what is happening at the Presidential Campaign Council .We are hoping things would change but I'm coming out to  speak so that President Bola Tinubu and Governor Uba Sani would know exactly what is happening pertaining to appointments Those who toiled were not carried along."

"We were promised that anything about fisheries in the state, we were going to be involved.They asked for my CV  and I gave them, but anytime I called they would tell me to continue praying to God," he said.

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