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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Obasanjo assaulted me because I said a forger won’t lead Nigeria – Arabambi

Abayomi Arabambi, the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party (LP) Lamidi Apapa-led faction has provided additional details on the reasons behind the party’s problem.

Arabambi who spoke on AIT on Wednesday said the party’s dilemma began when Lawal Funmilola, the Director of the Commissioner’s Oath Department for the Register, informed them that Julius Abure, the party’s National Chairman, had faked his paperwork.

Arabambi, however, accuses Obasanjo of beating him in his office because he told him and Adebanjo that a forgery would not lead them to the party.

He claimed that the presidential candidate of their party, Peter Obi, and some personalities in the party were told of the situation, but they told him to wait for Obi to win before the issue would be addressed.

Speaking further, Arabambi asserted that Afenifere leader Ayo Adebanjo and former president Olusegun Obasanjo were aware of the falsification.

He stated that party figures and the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, were informed of the predicament, but they advised him to wait until Obi won before the problem would be resolved.

Speaking on the crisis, he said, “I have here a letter written by Lawal Funmilola, Director of the Commissioner of the Oath Department for the Registrar. This was what caused the crisis in the Labour Party. Some of our candidates were changed without our knowledge.

“He now presented an affidavit to INEC, and INEC changed their name. We wrote, and the court, I repeat, Lawal Funmilola, Director, Commissioner of the Oath Department, said Abure was involved in forgery, and the court wrote back to us the certified true copy that that document was forged.

“We invited Obi, and he said we should leave Abure. Yes, he said we should leave Abure, and we should allow him to win. Obasanjo knew all of them. Baba Adebanjo, all of them knew.

“I have to say the truth here now. In fact, it’s part of why Obasanjo beat me in his house because I told them that a forger would not lead us to the party, but he said we should allow Obi to win first. We said no; we will not allow him to win.”

Source: News Telegraph

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