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Friday, October 6, 2023

Mohbad died from injury sustained during a fight with Primeboy

The Lagos State Police have revealed what led to the death of popular singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba AKA Mohbad.

The police in a press conference made it known that the singer died as a result of an injury which he sustained during a fight with his friend, Primeboy.

It was noted that Mohbad didn’t treat the injury despite the several pleas by his wife and friends.

The police stated that when Mohbad finally got treatment, it was from an auxiliary nurse who was described as a quack. The treatment reacted negatively and it led to the deceased convulsing before he was confirmed dead.

The nurse was mentioned as the prime suspect in the death of Mohbad because she went beyond her limitations to administer drugs and injections that led to the eventual death of the singer.

On whether Naira Marley and Sam Larry were involved, the police explained that both of them were not in the country at the time the event that led to his death happened as the location stretched between Ikorodu and Lekki.

The Nurse, Primeboy and One Ibrahim were mentioned as suspects in the homicide case.

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