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Friday, September 1, 2023

Tinubu's 8-point Agenda gives hope to poor, excluded Nigerians- ActionAid

A social justice non-governmental organization, ActionAid Nigeria, AAN, has commended President Bola Tinubu over 8-point Agenda that gives hope to poor and excluded Nigerians.

According to AAN, the initiative by Tinubu is visionary and described it as "a crucial step towards addressing the pressing issues affecting the poor and excluded, especially women."

The Country Director, AAN, Andrew Mamedu, commended the President for taking the step to carry every citizen along in the scheme of things.

Mamedu said AAN applauds the President's emphasis on the urgency, innovation, and the commitment to deliver quality standard of life to all Nigerians.

He said: "The 8-Point Agenda, encompassing critical areas such as food security, ending poverty, economic growth, job creation, access to capital, improved security, a fair playing field, rule of law, and the fight against corruption, reflects the aspirations of the citizens for a more inclusive and prosperous society."

However, he called on the President to make a clear measurable indicators for each agenda.

"However, we urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Federal Government to incorporate clear and measurable indicators of achievement for each agenda.

"Transparent and quantifiable milestones are essential to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of progress, which, in turn, will enhance accountability and public trust.

"ActionAid Nigeria also calls upon President Tinubu to encourage all tiers of government responsible for implementing the 8-Point Agenda to partner with the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) actively. 

"CSOs possess valuable expertise, community rootedness, and the ability to mobilise citizens for effective engagement in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of these crucial initiatives", he said. 

Meanwhile, he (Mamedu)  assured that ActionAid Nigeria is optimistic about the positive impacts that the 8-Point Agenda can have on the lives of Nigerians and the organisation looks forward to working closely with the government and fellow CSOs to turn these ambitious plans into tangible actions that will improve the well-being of Nigerians.

 "ActionAid is also committed to playing its part in this process and we are open to collaborative partnerships with other CSOs to ensure that the benefits of the 8-Point Agenda reach those who need them the most," he added.

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