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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Goat delivers half-human-half-goat in Kwara

Wonders they say shall never end as a female goat (nanny) was reportedly delivered a half-human-half-goat (kid) at Adigun-Oke community in the Ifelodun local government area of Kwara state. 

It was reliably gathered that the incident happened last Wednesday evening as residents  in the area rushed to catch a glimpse of the shocking discovery at the backyard of the house where the goat delivered. 

According to wife of the owner of the female goat, Aishat Umar, who spoke in Hausa language, the female goat actually gave birth to two kids, saying that one was a complete goat while the other was in human being form, except for the ears and the hands. 

Also speaking on the incident, one of the community leaders in Adigun-Oke village, Pa James Adeoye, said that people were just seen rushing to see the astounding discovery, adding that one of the creatures has hairs all over the body just like a goat while the second looked exactly like human being, without hair but with teeth like human being. 

It was also gathered that the kid, which looked like human, died just after it was delivered and was immediately buried by the owner, Umar, when he returned from his farm, while the nanny was busy taking care of the other kid. 

The community leader, who said that the nanny had produced kids before the incident, added that it had never given birth to such creature and that the people had never witnessed a human being mating with a goat that could lead to such astonishing incident. 

One of the residents of the area, Mr. Lukman Onaade, said that the incident was surprising to every villager, as well as people from neighbouring communities, who, he said, thronged Adigun-Oke community to witness the incident. 

He said that those, who had never known nor visited Adigun-Oke community before now, had come to the village since the incident happened to confirm whether it was true that a goat could give birth to human being. 

The nanny and the kid are still alive, while the one in human form had died and buried. 

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