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Saturday, September 9, 2023

FG alone can't fight war against illicit drug use - NDLEA

 In a major bid to fight against illicit drug use in Nigeria, pro-democracy group Network Against Corruption and Trafficking (NACAT) and the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have come together to hold a road walk sensitization in Abattoir, an Abuja community. 

The march, which began at ECWA junction in Karu, Abuja journeyed through Abattoir and concluded at Abacha road. 

Participants held placards with various anti-drug messages aimed at educating the residents about the detrimental effects of hard drugs.

The initiative came as a response to NACAT's recent investigation that unveiled Abattoir as a prominent hub for the sales of hard drugs like Crack, Codeine, Molly, Tramadol, Refnol, Rochi, Arizona, and Loud.

Nduka Augustine, the NDLEA FCT Command’s officer in charge of sensitization, lauded NACAT for taking the proactive step.

He said, "The war against illicit drug use is not something the government can do alone. 

"We are thrilled when NACAT took the initiative to collaborate with us as they talk to all segments of society, sensitizing them against the dangers of getting involved in illicit drug use and trafficking."

Augustine expressed the NDLEA's readiness to work with other NGOs, community-based organizations, religious bodies. 

"We look forward to more collaborative effort in the future," he said, inviting more organizations to unite with the NDLEA in the war against illicit drug trafficking and abuse.

He stressed that as the fight continues, it becomes clearer that it will take the combined efforts of all sectors of society to successfully eradicate drug trafficking and abuse from Nigeria.

Stanley Ugagbe, NACAT Operational Manager, stated that the action came after NACAT had conducted a covert investigation in the area.

"Acting upon a scoop, we uncovered how hard drugs are sold in broad daylight in this area," he revealed.

The manager emphasized the devastating effects these substances have on the users, their families, and the society at large.

Ugagbe warned those involved in the drug business to halt such activities and seek legitimate means of livelihood. 

"If you starve the sellers of patronage, the business will die a natural death," he stated.

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