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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Akpabio seeks for aggrieved lawmakers' support, as Senate resumes plenary after 6 weeks

The President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio is begging all aggrieved lawmakers to shealth their sword and cooperate with his leadership.

Akpabio, in his welcome address, called on senators to set aside their differences and focus on legislations that would enhance the living conditions of Nigerians.

Akpabio said, "As we resume to embark on our legislative functions and engagements, I encourage open and constructive dialogue, cooperation, and a spirit of unity on all matters of national significance, as it is through such discourse, that we can achieve the best outcomes for all Nigerian citizens. As you go about your official legislative duties be reminded, that although our opinions may differ, our common purpose is to advance the well-being of our constituents and our nation. 


"Distinguished colleagues, in the coming days and weeks, we will address pressing issues, debate legislations, and strive to find common grounds that will move our nation forward expeditiously. I have no doubt that your dedication, wisdom, and integrity will shine through in all your endeavours. 


"Evidently, as with all democratic institutions, there are concerns at various levels of  governance, while dissent and differing opinions are integral to our democratic process, I urge us all to focus on the greater good of our nation, anchored on the pursuit of our common good, interests of our constituents and protection of our fledgling democracy.

"In the face of rising poverty, insecurity, and public agitation for good governance, it is imperative that we set aside personal differences and work together with renewed patriotism and dedication to nationhood. The challenges before us require unity, cooperation, and steadfast commitment to addressing the issues that affect the lives of all Nigerian citizens, mindful of the fact that the responsibilities we bear are weighty, and that our decisions impact the lives and livelihoods of countless Nigerian citizens.

"On this backdrop, I call on all of us to commit our efforts and actions solely to the advancement of our dear Country Nigeria, by demonstrating against all odds and sentiments, that we are resolute in our determination to surmounting the challenges that has limited our progress and prosperity in the past years . Be mindful that Our constituents look to us for leadership and hope, and we must not falter in fulfilling our responsibilities to them.

"Lastly, I encourage us all to put the interests of our great nation first, by upholding the principles of democracy in all engagements, processes and procedures and working diligently towards a more secure, prosperous, and united Nigeria. Together, we can overcome all challenges and build the Nigeria of our dreams.

"It is on this patriotic stand of a united body that I welcome you back to this 2nd quarter of our 2023 legislative session as we work cohesively and tirelessly towards the collective goal of raising the bar of legislature to a new height of rounded excellence.


"Finally, It is my fervent prayer that together, by the special grace and mercy of God Almighty, we shall deliver on our journey of public service, with unwavering commitment and diligence to the joy and prosperity of all Nigerians."

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