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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Top Islamic clerics get Tinubu's nod to negotiate with Niger Ulama

A delegation of leaders of major Islamic groups in Nigeria on Wednesday met with President Bola Tinubu and got his approval to dialogue with their colleagues (Islamic Scholars) in Niger Republic on how to restore peace and democratic government in the country.

The clerics (Ulamas), who are opposed to war with the Nigerien military, as threatened by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), said that apart from the dire consequences of armed conflict, they are enjoined by their religious faith and the Quran to seek mediation first in cases like this before resorting to war.

The delegation had representatives of all the different Islamic sects in the country.

Sheikh Bala Lau of Izalla group and Sheikh Abdurahman Ahmad of Ansar ud Deen, spoke to journalists on behalf of leaders of other sects.

According to Shekh Lau: "We thank Allah that He gave us the opportunity to meet with Mr. President and the delegation of Ulama from here in Nigeria met with Mr. President on the issue of Niger Republic. We want to find a lasting solution, we want peace and harmony to reign, not only in Nigeria, but in the sub-Saharan region and in globe as well.

"The Ulama advised Mr. President that we want peace and reconciliation. If anything happens between you and your neighbor, the holy Quran commands you to reconcile, so we want reconciliation. 

"That’s why we are here and our able leader and President accepted the offer that he wants us to intervene and to talk to our brothers in Niger Republic, the scholars also there on how we can come together and bring a lasting solution to this problem. 

"That is why we are here and insha Allah, by the grace of Allah, we’re optimistic that Allah will do it for us and we’ll find a lasting solution to this issue. May Allah continue to guy us and may He continue to protect us."

Also speaking, Sheikh Ahmad added: "It’s the way Sheikh Bala Lau has stated it. The President, like he said, welcomed our intervention and he has promised that if we could also talk to the people on the other side, for them to be ready to give concession, then ECOWAS that he’s Chairman of will also be ready. 

"Other than that, the President deplored coup d’etat in the Sahel region and as a democrat himself, he said he will do everything to ensure that there is democracy, justice, freedom and peace in the subregion.

"We as the Ulama are also committed to peace and justice and the government will be enabling the Ulama to mediate as it is appropriate. 

"This is why we are here and it is a mission accomplished because the President responded positively and in turn he has given us assignment to also mediate to ensure reconciliation between the warring factions in Niger.

"We pray for peace, not only in Nigeria, but also in the subregion and in the world because that is the only thing that can ensure development"


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