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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

State Governments should fix Federal Roads within their respective domains, Says Momoh, a Ministerial Nominee

Worried by the decay on road infrastructure across the country, the Ministerial-nominee  from Edo  State, Honourable  Abubakar  Momoh  has said that if the problem must be nipped in the bud, it has become very  imperative  for State governments to fix federal roads  within their respective domains.

Speaking  with journalists in Abuja  after appearing before the Senate for screening and confirmation, Honourable  Momoh,  a two- time member of  the House  of  Representatives  explained that if  part of the 36,000 kilometres federal roads that cut across one State to the other are fixed by respective state governments , decay on the infrastructure would be reduced substantially.

According  to the nominee who is a professional Engineer, collaborative approach between the states and the federal government on fixing of roads  and diversification of resources by the federal government for improved revenues are required at the moment  for putting  infrastructure across the various sectors in proper shape .

Momoh said,  "Nigeria as a federation,  has three categories of roads which are trunk A , B and C . The Trunk A roads are the ones known as federal roads connecting Nigerians from one state to the other,  the Trunk B roads are the ones connecting one town or neighbourhood to the other within a State while Trunk C roads are largely the feeder roads under the purview of local government councils across the country.

"Segment of the roads used mostly in terms of volume of vehicular traffic , is the trunk A or federal roads , which requires collaborative efforts between the respective state government and federal government to put them in shape .

"The  country’s over reliance on oil does not portend much good for its development in terms of required revenues for infrastructural development , particularly road infrastructure."

The Ministerial  nominee  who noted that the Blueprint already put in place by President Bola Tinubu for genuine development of the various sectors would get Nigeria transformed in no distant time, said, " With the Blueprint on policies and actions already laid out for the various sectors by President Tinubu, Ministers assigned for whatever portfolio would surely  perform."

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