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Friday, August 18, 2023

Reduce the number of your Ministers - President Tinubu told

A non-governmental organization, Campaign for Equal Rights and Opportunities for all Nigerians, CERON, has called on President Bola Tinubu to cut down the number of his cabinet, saying the appointment of 48 Ministerial-designate  is too bogus for a distressed economy like that of Nigeria. 

The group stated that it was unacceptable to have that huge number as Ministers when most Nigerians are living in abject poverty and are being asked to persevere. 

The Secretary of CERON, Mr. Francis Odiir in a statement noted that President Tinubu's choice of a huge cabinet did not reflect the present economic realities in the country. 

He pointed out that it was unacceptable for a government that had been encouraging Nigerians to brace up to the economic hardship in the country by cutting down on unnecessary spendings to willfully fail on its part to lead by example. 

He said: "We expected the government to lead by example after asking Nigerians to tighten up their belts. But that is not the case particularly with a bogus cabinet of about 48 Ministers. 

"That is certainly not the way to go. We had all expected that President Tinubu would take into cognisance the fact that the present economic realities would not allow room for a humongous cabinet. 

"You cannot overload a vehicle and expect it to move at a pace that would enable it cover enough grounds in recorded time. This cabinet is simply over loaded; and apart from some persons who have attained enviable heights in their chosen profession and positions of responsibility entrusted to them, many of the persons in this cabinet are simply just being rewarded by the President and not for their acumen. 

"And that is not what we need at this critical time when the entire country is facing socio-economic challenges. 

"What stopped President Tinubu from emulating the United States which despite its massive size has a 15-member cabinet, yet remains one of best economies of the world. What are we doing with a close to 50 member cabinet in Nigeria?" 

"We will advise the President to do a rethink, maybe after two years of patronising his political friends, he should downside his cabinet and get down to real business, because for now what we have is largely a cabinet of political patronage."

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