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Monday, August 21, 2023

Protesters kick against attempt bribery of judges in Kano

Hundreds of Kano residents on Monday stormed major streets of the metropolis to protest against alleged attempt to bribe judges presiding over the election petition tribunal in the state to manipulate outcome of the election tribunal.

Recall that a judge in the election petition tribunal panel, Justice Flora Azinge has raised alarm over alleged attempt by yet to be identified lawyers to bribe judges in the panel to manipulate the outcome of the election tribunal.

Leader of the protesters, Ibrahim Waiya who presented their complain letter to Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf for onward transmission to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, said the allegation is too heavy to be ignored hence the need for the peaceful protest to express their displeasure over the moves.

Waiya who doubles as the convener, North West Civil Society on Anti – Corruption said attempt to bribe judges to manipulate the outcome of election tribunal is evil, undemocratic and a grand conspiracy to rob Nigerians of their right to choose democratic leaders.

He said Kano and other states are already politically tensed with anxiety, therefore any attempt to manipulate the outcome of the elections, may result into an unprecedented crisis which may consume the country.

According to him, "The fundamental purpose of writing this letter, is to present to you the concern of the good people of Kano State over the controversy surrounding the conduct of the elections tribunal in Kano State.  

We are dismayed at the tendency at which your name is systematically dragged into a smearing and perfected conspiracy promoted by some political party members in Kano, optimistically pouring a sentiment towards manipulation of the outcome of the elections tribunal at the behest of your influence.

"Your Excellency, you will recall that in 2019, Kano State was overheated at what was alleged to be a gang up through the influence of the then APC led Federal Government of Nigeria, aimed at manipulating the outcome of the re - run elections and thereby usurping the rights of the Kano people to choose leaders of their desire.

"The inconclusive saga has already been written into the Guinness Book of Nigerian politics, as one of the most disastrous events in the Nigerian political history.

"Your Excellency, despite the generated tensions in Kano State, in 2019 which we all lived to witness, it was apparently alleged that, the mandate of the Kano people were hijacked through the machineries of some institutions, such as police, INEC and the rest, and was said to have cumulatively conspired against the desires of Kano people, taking into cognizance the elections outcome.

"Similarly, 2023 is here again, and the responsibility of upholding the mandate of every elections any way in the country does not only lie on your shoulders, but it is religiously mandatory upon you to work towards providing an enabling environment to all, especially many people believed you to be someone who struggled all his life to ensure the institutionalization of a democratic governance in Nigeria, as well as someone who believes in the best principles of democratic practice, which is born through popular participation of citizens.

"Your Excellency, the recent revelations credited to one of the justices in Kano Elections Tribunal, is a clear indication that, some people are working to manipulate the judicial processes, despite hugely recorded electoral fraud, such as: rigging, massive use of money to induce voters, attempt to create violence as another machineries to scare the Kano voters from exercising their franchise to choose the candidates of their choices. The level of this exhibited anxiety engineered through the work of some desperate politicians, is not only worrisome but also dangerous to the continuous survival of our democracy. It is our adamant belief that, if this trend is allowed to strive in our democratic system, giving edge to some evilly minded politicians who think of nothing except themselves, slowly but surely we would be consumed. For a Justice of the Election Tribunal to make such public outburst complaining about the persistent attempts to be induced to compromise her impartial stance, was surely not for the first time, and this selfless service to humanity, she exhibited deserved to be commended.

"We considered writing this letter to present to you, after a peaceful demonstration by the good people of Kano, organized by North West Civil Society Anti -Corruption Network, to register our displeasure over this unfortunate attempts to bribe the judges to manipulate the outcome of the elections petitions, and to call on Mr. President to demonstrate a high sense of democratic integrity by staying away from any induced sentiment of allowing himself to be used to interfere in the activities of all elections Tribunal, to safeguard your honour and self - esteem.
Let me inform Mr. President that Kano and other states are already politically tense with anxiety, therefore any attempt to manipulate the outcome of the elections, may result into an unprecedented crisis which may consume the country. The widespread rumour to turn up the victory of some elected political leaders, is not only dangerous but also suicidal, which may in turn also affect your political integrity, standing and recognition not only in Nigeria, but across the international communities.   

"Your Excellency, the outburst of one of the Tribunal judges and the alleged trace of cash transferred to the account of the PA of one of the judge by one of the petitioners in Kano, gave credence to the rumor that, after all, the threat to peace in Kano is real.

"It is on this note, we also wish to appeal to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Nigerian Judicial Council, ICPC to launch a thorough investigation into these allegation with a view to ascertain the truth and to subject any person found wanting to face the music.

"Mr. President, let me remind you that, it is not only Nigerian people are watching the unfolding political circumstances closely, but also the international organizations across the globe, and therefore you have a duty to justify how democratic you are, and politically unbiased in relations to all matters of elections petitions not only in Kano, but across the country. Let me also remind you that, one of the virtue of a democratic governance is the ability to tolerate and accommodate opposition, as it is no an issue of pride, to kill oppositions by hijacking the mandate and rights of the citizens
"On the final note, Mr. President, while your administration is exerting good efforts to restore constitutional order elsewhere, here in Nigeria, our democracy is being subverted and threatened. It is unthinkable for this to happen under your watch. A stitch in time saves nine," Waiya stated.

Receiving the protesters at the Kano Government house, Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf promised hand to hand transmittion of the letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in order to ensure justice.

Governor Yusuf condemned attempt to bribe the tribunal judges to manipulate the election tribunal outcome.

Meanwhile, the protesters were seen displaying placards carrying inscriptions such as "Gandollar leave the judiciary alone they are not corrupt like you," "Mr. Gandollar, Mr Corruption, Stop attempting to compromise judges," "Gandollar stop spoiling the name of Tinubu," "Allow Kano to live in peace, do not temper with our election victory," and "We commend the Justice of tribunal for exposing gandollars move to compromise them," among others.

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