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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Niger: Don't put Nigeria at risk, Diaspora Nigerians tell Tinubu

Diaspora Nigerians under the auspices of Global Nigerian Diaspora Forum, GNDF, has called on President Bola Tinubu, not to put Nigeria at great risk, by deploying troops to Niger Republic.

This was contained in a statement signed by Chief Emmanuel Tam Ezekiel-Hart, Dr Ifem Emmanuel Orji, Prof Mondy Gold, and
Hon. Gesiere Brisibe-Dorgu.

The forum pointed out that "Presently, the Nigerian territory is not under attack by external aggressors known to have come from the Niger Republic."

The statement reads in part,"As we operate an executive presidential system of government, the people of Nigeria hold sovereign power through their elected representatives who exercise that power on their behalf and the people have the right at any time to challenge the exercise of that power when it is done in bad faith that puts Nigeria at great risk. 

"Section 1 of the Constitution clearly makes the Nigerian Constitution supreme and binding on the president and the National Assembly. Therefore, we shall challenge any backdoor deals that send our military to the Niger Republic and ensure that the judiciary exercises its power to declare void any back door agreements, using its power under section 6 of the Constitution.

"Why have foreign powers not yet put an end to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? We urge the president to reconsider starting a war in a foreign country because history serves as a constant reminder that wars rarely go as planned. 

"The main danger to Nigeria's peace and security is the uprising of Boko Haram, bandits, and unknown gunmen. The current administration needs a long-term plan to swiftly and completely end these recurring crises.

"The question then is whether going to Niger for war is for "peace, order and good government of the Federation" as mandated by section 4(2) of the constitution? It is NOT. Neither is it a "LIMITED COMBAT DUTY."

"To satisfy the requirements of section 5(4) (a) of the constitution and 5(4)(b) and 5(5), which requires Nigerian national security to be under imminent threat or danger, (which is not the case under the current circumstances) the National Defence Council must note that there is absolutely zero necessity for troops deployment to Niger Republic.

"The GNDF believes that the President's desire to go to war is at the behest of foreign powers and that interest is tantamount to bowing to foreign sovereign allegiance that denigrates Nigerian national pride. We also believe that Nigeria should only mediate for peaceful dialogue and settlement towards political solution to avoid additional refugees across the West African borders."

Meanwhile, the group called on the National Assembly to reject Tinubu's request.

 "The National Assembly to reject this dangerous request from the president in its entirety and rather focus on securing Nigeria's borders and the safety of its citizens including the complete elimination of Boko Haram, bandits, and unidentified gunmen.

"All well-meaning stakeholders including traditional, religious, and political leaders to challenge any law or approval to deploy Nigerian armed forces to the Niger Republic in the current circumstances (see the case of A.- G Bendel v A. G Federation). 

"The President to focus on addressing the needs of the public clearly and convincingly rather than waging wars abroad that history has demonstrated can never be won. This has been proven by experiences in the United States, Russia, and Great Britain.

"The Judiciary to be on standby to protect Nigeria in the event that President Tinubu and National Assembly Senate President Akpabio betray Nigeria by approving the deployment of our military."

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