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Thursday, August 31, 2023

How dog killed my daughter on our way to get drug - Mother

Mrs Nafisat Muhideen, mother of five months daughter killed by dogs in Osogbo, Osun state capital said she was out to get drug for herself and the deceased daughter before the dog attack.

It would be recalled that the nursing mother was on Wednesday afternoon attacked by dogs while passing by a vacant building at Hallelujah estate, killing her daughter in the process.

Speaking with journalists at her Hallelujah estate on Thursday, she said the little girl, named Mariam, was suffering from cold and catarrh and decided to look for a patent shop to get drugs for the girl.

According to her, while walking through a building in the afternoon, she felt that something attacked her from the back.

"My baby had catarrh earlier and I contracted the flu from her. I went out backing my baby to get drugs for her and  get flu drugs for myself too, because I was feeling headache.

"When I was out to get drugs, I heard a sound from behind and by the time I turned around to check, a dog jumped me from behind.

"It dragged the baby off my back and was attacking her. I ran around calling for help but no one was around to help rescue her. I threw stone at the dog to no, even site workers were not around to help me.

"Later some neighbours eventually arrived and attempted to get the baby off the dog also proved abortive, until the dog was killed and the body of the baby removed facing the ground from under it", she said.

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