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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Flood Disaster: Water release from Lagdo Dam to last 7 days - NIHSA

The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, NIHSA, has disclosed that the release of water from Lagdo Dam will last for seven days.

This was made known by the Director General, NIHSA, Engr Clement Nze, at a press conference in Abuja, on the release of water from Cameroonian Lagdo Dam and present situation of flood in the country.

Nze said that the current flood situation was revealed during the presentation of 2023 Annual Flood Outlook (2023 AFO) publication released by NIHSA in February 2023.

He also maintained that the Agency is "the most active, most responsive and most visible Agency" at the up-stream sector in the prediction and issuance of flood early warning and flood alerts in Nigeria. 

According to him, it is on the strength of the Flood Early Warnings and Advisories issued by NIHSA that the National Emergency Management Agencies, NEMA, and other stakeholders on disasters preparedness and management anchor their timely emergency preparedness and advocation wide.

He said: "As you are aware,the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) is responsible for the provision of data, information and services required for efficient and sustainable management of the nation's vast surface and groundwater resources including security of life,property and water-related hazards such as floods and drought.

"The Lagdo Dam is located on the Benue River in the Niger Basin.The Cameroonian authorities commenced release of water from Lagdo Dam by 10.10am on 14th of August 2023. 

"This was communicated to the Director General of Nigeria hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) on 23rd August, 2023 by the Cameroonian hydrologist in-charge of the Dam.

"The release of water from the Dam commenced at the rate of 200 cubic metres per second (200m3/s) which is about 18 million cubic meters of water per day (18Mm3/day).

"According to the official, this exercise will continue for the next 7 days seeing that the reservoir level currently stands at 213.46m and the maximum permissible level of the reservoir is 214.02m. The said official also added: "We will continue to observe the situation. If there is no major inflow,we will close the spillway in the coming days. "The situation is under control". 

Meanwhile, the NIHSA boss said, "By 25th August 2023, the water releases from the reservoir has reduced to 50 cubic metres per second (50㎡3/s) which is a normal reservoir operations and far negligible to cause any flooding downstream.

"However, by 5.16pm yesterday, 28th Aug.,2023,the Hydrologist in-charge of the Dam notified the Director General of NIHSA that they stopped spilling water by 11.00am that same yesterday.

"Flow situation on the River Benue system. There has been steadiness in the flow of River Benue system.

"Today, the water level at our monitoring station in Makurdi, Benue State is 9.01m as against9.68m that was recorded on same date in 2022."

However, he (Nze) said all the state governors were notified about the expected devastating flood and what to do to mitigate the Impact.

 "You may wish to recall that the 2023 Annual Flood Outlook (2023 AFO) publication was presented to the general public earlier in February, 2023. 

"To give effect to the need for timely preparations against the devastations that often accompany flooding in the country, all the state governors were notified in clear terms on the LGAs in their respective states that are likely to be negatively impacted by flood-related disasters in 2023 and the necessary measures they need to take to avert such", he pointed.

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