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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Elevator Crash: Lagos sacks facility managers

The Lagos State government has 
sacked and blacklisted the Facility Managers following the elevator crash that claimed the life of Dr Vwaere Diaso.

Other actions taken by the state government include the immediate suspension of the General Manager of the State Infrastructure and Asset Management Agency. 

These actions were bases on the findings of Government's Panel of Inquiry on the elevator crash that claimed the life of Dr Diaso.

Based on the findings, the state government 

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Strategy,  Olumide Sogunle in a press statement issued Sunday night also revealed that the operations and line of reporting of the facility managers have been restructured to involve the hospital management directly.  

Sogunle said they have handed the installation and maintenance contractors to the police for further investigation and likely prosecution if they are found culpable. 

He said the police will also investigate anyone else that might be negligent

Sogunle added that engineers are working to unravel why all the safety devices of the elevator failed at the same time. 

"All our staff are fully insured. We have informed our life insurance providers about this incident.

"The Lagos Safety Commission has been directed to immediately carry out an audit of all elevators in public offices. This is besides the usual safety arrangements that have always existed, he started. 

The statement further reads in part, 
"The Lagos State government, in recognition and importance of providing functional and comfortable accommodation for health 8.59 pms, outsourced the management of the House Officers Quarters to a facility management company. The Lagos State Infrastructure and Asset Management Agency (LASIAMA) oversees the activities of the facility management company. 

"Following the incident, we immediately set up a panel to look into its likely causes, identify persons who might be culpable, and suggest ways of preventing any future occurrence. 

"For transparency, the membership of the panel included representatives of the Medical Guild and six representatives of House Officers.

"The panel has now concluded its deliberations and submitted its report.

"According to its findings, the incident happened around 6.50 pm. Due to the impact, the elevator doors were damaged and needed to be forced open to rescue the trapped house officer. She was extracted at about 7.50 pm and resuscitation commenced immediately. She was wheeled to the emergency room and was immediately attended to by a medical team led by a highly experienced consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. The team was assisted by all house officers who were present at the time. 

" The initial objectives were to ensure a clear airway, maintain breathing, and establish circulation. The team was also joined by two consultant anaesthetists, including the Medical Director, who intubated the patient. Despite all the efforts, she stopped breathing around 8.13pm and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) commenced. This went on until 8.59pm when she was pronounced dead. 

"It is important to state that blood samples for cross-matching had not been taken and there had not been a request for blood at the time CPR commenced; it is not true that blood was not available. The State has a strong network of screening centres where blood is available. Besides, there is a register of voluntary donors who can be mobilised at very short notice.

"It is also important to state that the elevator that crashed was installed brand new in 2021. Elevator experts working with the Lagos Safety Commission have carried out an initial inspection and will be removing the elevator for further mechanical examination to determine why the safety features that should prevent this kind of accident did not work. Their findings will determine if we have a case with the elevator installer." 

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