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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Coup: Nigeria should learn from Gabon, Niger, others - Eholor

Founder and President, One Love Foundation, OLF, Chief Patrick Eholor, haa called for caution and said present plight of Nigerians should not be taken for granted but lessons; should be learnt from Niger Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso and Gabon coup experience.

Speaking on the coup that just occurred in Republic of Gabon, Eholor said, the people are getting tired and frustrated every day by the actions and inactions of the ruling class, hence are pushed to the wall, which has resulted to the recent wave of coup in Africa.

He said Nigeria is already engulfed with different agitations and the people should not be taken for granted since it is their mandate politicians are riding on, and added that they need to do what would quickly ameliorate the plight of the masses before it gets out of hand and the undesirable occurs.

He said: "What has happened in Gabon, a close neighbour is a reflection of what the people have been passing through and they had yearned for change but the ruling political family have kept and given them deaf ears for over three decades.

"The people are also fed up with the control of France and are finding out ways to wriggle themselves out of the bondage of neocolonialism they find themselves. 

"Most of these colonial masters don't want to let their colonies go, and they have used different conditions to hold the people down. This how they handed over Africans to their brothers they can use to further control the people.

"I have seen this coming before now and also had spoke about it that this new development in Africa of coup d'etat will continue as whirl fire and it is gradually happening and fulfilled.

"In, Nigeria, the people are really in big time suffering including the military because their families are also having a fare share of this negative economic impact currently squeezing Nigerians.

"We thought as it was painted to us that democracy was the best form of government and we embraced it but today it has divided our country; enmity, lack of trust, victimisation, incarceration, marginalisation, hate speech, financial fraud, high level of unemployment, increased criminality, banditry, kidnapping, terrorism, prostitution, nepotism, breakdown of educational system, highest level of Japa Syndrome, brain drain, collapsed health infrastructure, bad road networks, increased pipeline vandalisation, crude oil theft, porous borders, increased farmer-herder clashes, poverty capital of the world, highest number of out of school children in Africa, communal clashes, attacks by foreigners, carting away of our solid minerals, increased drug trafficking, stealing among civil servants, and so on and so forth.

"Unfortunately, under military regime some of these things I have mentioned were not known. Today, we see lawlessness everywhere.

Moreover, most of the infrastructures we are still using were constructed by the military including the comatose refineries.

"However, I want to state clearly that I am not calling on the Military in Nigeria to carry out coup d'etat but we as politicians, CSOs, and Nigerians have a responsibility to avert possible coup d'etat in this country. 

"We must wake up and change the narrative before it is too late because the people are pushed to the wall."

However, he added that election rigging and stealing the people's mandate is worse than coup d'etat, and "Nigerians have experienced it over and over again.

"The people's votes are not respected and politicians do and do to push them aside to perpetrate their nefarious activities to by force get into an office they fully know they never won the election."

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