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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Consider our members in your cabinet - SWAGA tells Tinubu

By Demilade Michael

The leadership of the South West Agenda '23 'SWAGA '23) has expressed  displeasure over the exclusion of its members in the list of ministerial nominees sent to the Senate by President Bola Tinubu

The group has therefore called on President Tinubu to reconsider his selection process and prioritize individuals among SWAGA leadership who have proven their loyalty and dedication to party's manifestos, saying that this will ensure inclusiveness of all key stakeholders and create a sense of unity and motivation within the party.

The group, in a statement signed by one of its leaders, Ahmed Banjo, noted that "it is important that the President address this concern and ensure that the party's supporters are rewarded for their unwavering dedication. Only through fair representation, inclusion, and recognition can the party foster a sense of unity, motivation, and commitment among its members".

"Few years ago when the journey of the Presidency of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu begun, the only group who was first preparing the way for others to follow and did a very excellent job in evangelizing Tinubu Presidency across the South West of the federation prior to President Tinubu emergence as a party flagbearer, convincing other personalities to join the train is tagged South West Agenda '23".

"The coordinating members were beset with cruelty and malignity in the hands of some state governors,  only because they did not support Tinubu Presidency. Some of these members were denied elective positions in the party primaries, borne out of cruelty and malignity for championing President Tinubu course".  

"They however did not succumb to pressure from these imagined mafias in their states. They suffered patiently, but hopeful that this day shall come to wipe their extreme pain of mind".

"SWAGA leadership travelled far and wide evangelising Tinubu Presidency, not minding the risk of insecurity, unreliable transportation system and the potential likelihood of a negative outcome".

"Surprisingly, SWAGA members are bitterly complaining that the group leaders are abandoned and some who are not known on the street of the states they claimed are picked as ministerial nominees".

"They are also troubled by the fact that those who knew their commitment and sacrifice to the campaign are absent from the list of ministerial nominees. They queried that where were some of the nominees during pre-election and during election in various States they claimed, when some party stalwarts were mobilizing for the victory of Jagaban?"

"Investigations also revealed that Lagos based politicians who didn't operate in their states are now taking over to replace the realists that delivered for PBAT in the various States".

They argued that the inclusion of SWAGA leadership who has deep understanding of the party's vision and those who have demonstrated their commitments through their tireless work would be instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation of the Renewed Hope Manifesto.

"Without mincing words, there is no doubt the fact that Nigeria needs versatile heads to manage her prevalent rotted socio-economic and political apparatus at this critical moment, and whoever chosen to hold top position in Tinubu's cabinet should be nominated completely without a preferential bias, partiality or discrimination".

"The President needs a proactive minds and decision-making nominee who can make tough decisions under pressure and not someone who will shy away from coming up with diligent solutions".

"These formed part of the competence and capabilites of the leadership in SWAGA that were able to move the Campaign Council to deliver their various States in whole for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's Presidency".  

"Hence, they possess excellent organisation, negotiating skills and logical approach to solving problems".

"Some of them have handled government activities in various institutions both nationally and internationally, providing a logical coherence to decision-making".

"Their leadership capacity, sagacity and contributory efforts to actualize victory at primary and general elections were at par. This was orchestrated in the way they motivated people around them to achieve high level of mobilizing support for Asiwaju and calming people down in the face of adversity and challenging situations in the hands of some of their state emperors called governors".

"SWAGA members are appealing that President Tinubu should recognize and appreciate the efforts of those who played instrumental roles in its success. By including these individuals in key cabinet positions, the government can demonstrate its commitment to harnessing the full potential of its most dedicated members while also restoring faith and confidence in the party".

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