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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Bridge collapses in Plateau

A bridge linking the Total area and other parts of the Shendam town, in
in the Shendam local government area of Plateau has collapsed following a heavy downpour on Sunday afternoon.

The said bridge was also a major route leading to Tunkus in the neighbouring Mikang local government area of the State and its collapse has put a strain on smooth transportation for residents who may have to take longer alternative routes to get to their destinations. 

A resident of Shendam town, Benedicta Naanpoe said no life was lost but citizens are worried about when the bridge would be reconstructed for ease of movement because using alternative routes would put more financial burden on citizens considering the already hike in the transport fares as the result of the petrol subsidy removal. 

She said, "It is the only major bridge, that eases the movement for all businesses in Shendam and people in the nearby local government, Mikang also depend on the bridge for most of their activities in Shendam and its environs. With the collapse of the bridge, everyone will have to find alternative routes but the cost will be higher."

She appealed for a timely reconstruction of the bridge by the relevant government authority to ensure ease of business and ensure no life is lost as some people risk to use the bridge. 

The Transition Committee Chairman, of Shendam local government area, Mr. Kemi Nshe confirmed the development and said,  "We have reported already to the different government agencies, That is a federal road but I have discussed it with the State Commissioner for Works. 

"This same bridge collapsed sometime in 2012 or thereabout and was reconstructed. We will report to the Federal Road Director, the FERMA by Monday so that speedy help could come. It is a major road and the people make use of the bridge daily."

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