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Saturday, August 5, 2023

'I am sorry, I tweeted in anger' - Ogun Ministerial nominee,Bosun Tijani apologises over unpatriotic tweets

By Editor

One of the ministerial nominee from Ogun State, Bosun Tijani has apologised to the Senate over his tweets from four years ago.

Tijani, CEO and co-founder of CcHub had also tackled President Tinubu, at the time.

He had tweeted, “Nigeria is a blood expensive tag to have against your name. Leave patriotism for a minute. That tag is a bloody waste of energy. A second foreign passport isn’t sufficient to clean the sin.”

One user that goes by Abdul_A_Bello in response to Tijani’s nomination tweeted, “I personally collated screenshots of selected Bosun Tijani toxic posts about Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu , the former President Buhari and many others. Sent it to my Senator representing my constituency so he can throw it to the floor of the House during Bosun’s ministerial screening. @bosuntijani called ASO ROCK “AssholeRock” and described Nigeria as a wrong country to represent…Such persons are not patriotic enough to serve in such position of authority. I expect the @NGRSenate to reject this nomination without further delay.”

@adeosunm tweeted, “Consistency in character is highly regarded virtue that reflects a person’s commitment to principles and values. Consistency involves acting in a steady, predictable manner & being honestly upright. It leads to trust, respect & reputation in relationships. Bosun Tijani lacks it!”

Tijani was tackled on Saturday, during his screening, by Senator Abdulfatai Buhari representing Oyo North Senatorial District, accusing him of being unpatriotic after his profile was read out.

Senator Buhari said “On the 21st of July 2019, Dr Bosun tweeted against Nigeria that he does not appreciate the Nigerian passport and Nigeria as a nation.”

Buhari went ahead to ask the nominee to clarify whether he still believes in Nigeria and the country’s passport.

Addressing the Senate, Tijani apologised saying he tweeted out of a frustrating experience with the Chinese Embassy.

“I tweeted in anger. I am sorry” the ministerial nominee from Ogun State admitted.

Although the session become rowdy, President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio urged other lawmakers to forgive the nominee and said he accepted his apology on behalf of the Senate.

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