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Monday, July 10, 2023

Why Tinubu should remove former Northwest Govs from ministerial list - Group

Youths from northern Nigeria have called on President Bola Tinubu to remove names of  former Governors of the North West region from his ministerial list to avoid eating his words. 

The group, Voice of Northern Youths Patriots (VNYP), led by Alhaji Mustapha Mai Royal specifically mentioned names of the three former state governors in the region who are under investigation for alleged corruption cases to the tune of billions of Naira.

The group addressed newsmen in Kano and called on the President not to go back on the promise to give the country the best leadership it needs by appointing the best hands. 

The group also warned that they would not want a situation where the north will in future disregard whatever the president will tell them after eating his words by making the wrong appointments. 

"We hereby calling on His Excellency, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu not to appoint some former governors from the North West region as ministers.

"These former governors include those of Zamfara, Kebbi and Kano state in particular due to the corruption allegations against them.

"Mr President, you have stated that you would run an all inclusive government for the unification and betterment of the country, we want to see that from the people you are going to appoint from our region.

"These former governors from the North West have not displayed such qualities as to deserve being appointed in your government because they are only after their personal aggrandizement" he stated.

In event of the president refusing to heed to their call, the group says the north will henceforth not believe in him any longer. 

"We have seen the poor performance of some of the these governors in the fight against insecurity in their states and the roles they have played. These weaknesses are enough for Mr President to consider and not appoint them. Should he refuse to heed to our call we will  henceforth lose hope in whatever he says" the group declared.

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