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Monday, July 10, 2023

Ogun: SDP guber candidate berates Abiodun over 'slow' pace of governance

.....says Abiodun runs Ogun like 'sole administrator'

The 2023 gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Ogun State, Engr. Tony Ojeshina, has berated "the slow pace of governance" in Ogun State, saying that this has inflicted so much pains, mystery and suffering on indigenes and residents of the State.

According to Ojesina, Ogun State has always been known as a “model” of corporate governance worth emulating by others in the country, saying that the state has been losing this enviable position over the last few years.

The former governorship candidate, who titled his his statement, "The Mode and Style of Current Governance in Ogun State: A Precipice for Disaster Nature Abhors a Vacuum", noted that "the current state of governance in Ogun State is unprecedented and unconstitutional".

Ojesina said, the current 
'unconstitutional' governance in the state, "started with the delay and postponement of the inauguration of the House of Assembly by the Executive arm in June", saying that the delay tactics was meant to establish supremacy, thereby begin a process of intimidation of the legislative Arm by the Executive Arm. 

"Although the house was ultimately inaugurated, but it had achieved the purpose designed by the Executive".

He noted, "the legislative arm of government must always have its autonomy and independence and should not be subjected to the whims and caprices of Executive Arm of Government".

"Ogun State is currently been run by a “Sole Administrator.” There are no cabinet members to make decisions and conduct day-to-day running of government. It is preposterous to give this responsibility to “Special Advisers to the Governor”. Special Advisers are not statutory positions, but are chosen by the governor without any screening and clearance by the House of Assembly as stipulated by law".

"Special Advisers however only do the bidding of the governor as the name implies, that is why their title is Special Adviser to the Governor. This step totally ignores “due process”, “transparency” and “accountability” a veritable tool for sincere and ethical governance".

"Without Executive Council resolutions, funds cannot and must not be allocated and provided for Agencies of government to perform their daily duties, which include capital and recurrent expenditures".

He cited the examples of poor waste management by the state government and the incessant road dilapidation 

"An example is the area of Waste Management which is a daily exercise of evacuation of wastes and is conducted by Ogun State Waste Management Authority (OGWAMA).

"Some citizens went on a radio program recently to complain bitterly that their communities are dirty with garbage dumps all over, some are even resulting to burning of these garbage dumps and indiscriminate refuse dumps".

"The health and economic implications of refuse burning cannot be over emphasized. “Improper” waste management which is ongoing at the moment causes water born diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, as a result of water contamination, while refuse burning causes respiratory related diseases from toxic gas emitted into the atmosphere through burning".

"The only way that all these can be going on is if funds are not provided for those activities that require regular funding or if the funds are not judiciously used due to lack of due process, transparency and accountability".

"This anomaly started to rear itself up during the electioneering campaign time and has persisted till date and is gotten so bad that citizens have resulted to going on air at radio stations to air their grievances".

"Another example is in the incessant road dilapidation including roads that were hurriedly constructed and rehabilitated during the campaign period. This is exacerbated with the ongoing raining period which has exposed the integrity of the roads particularly those hurriedly rehabilitated to start with. This is having a severe toll on Ogun residents and their vehicles. Pain and misery are consequences of plying these roads".

"Some of these roads have become death traps".

"Youth unemployment is on the rise and is leading to increased crime rate".

Ojesina, therefore advised Governor Dapo Abiodun to take immediate steps to rectify 'these' problems to remove the ongoing pain, mystery and suffering of the masses in our dear State.

"Ogun State has always been known as a “model” of corporate governance worth emulating by others in Nigeria from inception. We have been losing this enviable position over the last few years and this trend must be reversed".

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