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Friday, June 30, 2023

Tinubu is free to probe former govt officials – Garba Shehu

The spokesman of former President Muhammadu Buhari, Mallam Garba Shehu has debunked the social media report that Buhari had in his meeting with his successor, President Bola Tinubu pleaded that former government officials should not be investigated.

Mallam Shehu stated this is a statement titled, “What Buhari didn’t say to President Tinubu.”

Recall that a social media report had it that when Buhari and Tinubu met in London last week, the former pleaded with his successor not to probe his cabinet members.

But describing the report as fake, Shehu said, “If social media is to be believed, former President Muhammadu Buhari is requesting his successor, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu not to investigate some former officials of his government.

“It is fake, let us not discuss it or give it energy or air of publicity. This is fake news, and nothing more.

“Thankfully, there was no one other than the two leaders in the room in which they met, so no one was there to report their conversation.

“As much as possible, the former President wishes to remain outside the spotlight so as not to distract the new administration.

“He chose to go home in Daura hoping to find the type of quiet he wished for himself but realizing that this was not the case, visitors trooping in morning, day and night, he moved out to a more distant place.

“It remains his wish that he be allowed to have his needed rest, and for the Tinubu administration to have the right atmosphere to work on the realisation of the promises they made.”

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