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Friday, June 2, 2023

How Lagos female pastor was allegedly beaten to death by husband

The police in Lagos have commenced investigations into the circumstances that surrounded the death of a popular female pastor in Ikorodu area of Lagos state, Janet kalu after she was allegedly beaten to death by her husband, Philip Anyanwu. 

The tragic incident which sent shock waves around Ikorodu and environs was worsened by allegation that while the pastor’s body was still in the mortuary, her husband reportedly married another woman and is presently living with her in the same house.

The incident took place after a series of troubling events that unfolded in Janet's life. 

It was learned that following a protracted illness that forced her first husband to relocate to the village,  Janet had no option than to re-marry, seeking companionship and support. 

Her new husband, Mr. Philip Anyanwu, happened to be their neighbor who had been expressing his romantic interest in her even while her first husband was still with them, battling his illness.

Investigation showed that Janet's decision to start anew with Philip brought about series of difficulties. 

It was discovered that Philip had taken a loan of N4.7 million, ostensibly to construct a church, but instead used the funds to build his own house.  

 However, the relationship was strained when Philip refused to accept the presence of Janet’s four children from her previous marriage.

Father of victim speaks

Grief stricken father of Janet, Pastor Kalu Obasi, founder of the Seed of Faith Dominion Ministry, Ikorodu, Lagos shared his anguish over the ill-fated relationship.  

He said; “I am the father of Late Pastor Janet Kalu.  In fact, from the beginning of the relationship between her and the second husband, Philip Anyanwu, she made it known to us that she wanted the marriage. 

She also informed us that the man lives in same place with her and was disturbing her to the extent that he promised to marry her even while she was with her first husband. 

She wanted my opinion and I told her that ; First, you are a child of God and moreover you are married, married in the sense that you did your traditional marriage, your white wedding and court marriage.
 And they are legal marriages. And if someone told you that he has deep love for you, did you tell him that you are married despite the fact that your husband is not feeling fine and now taken to the village?” 

Talking about how her daughter was maltreated and beaten to death, Pastor Kalu said bruises were all over her face. 

“The signs of physical abuse inflicted upon Janet were apparent to those who knew her. Neighbors attested to witnessing the disturbing beatings Uche subjected her to.  

It was discovered that Philip had deceived Janet, claiming he had not married previously. 

This falsehood prevented Janet from meeting any of his family members, leaving her in the dark about his background. 

“How I knew that she died was that a policeman called to say that I was needed at Imota police station on the 10th of April, 2023.  

He later called to say that I should wait at Adamo bus stop. I was there when they drove in a van carrying my daughter's corpse. I asked how she died and the officer said that at about 5:00pm, my daughter called her on Sunday that she was coming to the station to report that a man called Philip was beating and dragging her child with her. She pleaded that I should come and save her because she was weak.  

“The policeman said that he left what he was doing and went for rescue. The confusion is that we don’t know where the officer later met her, but he said he took her to their station and as she was about saying what happened to her, she started vomiting blood from the mouth and the nose. They carried her to Imota Primary health center and they refused to treat her. They took her to Agbowo General Hospital at Imota where she was confirmed dead. 

“They called her husband and told him about his wife's predicament but he rather suggested that they should call her father and that was how the officer got my number and called me the next day being 10th of April 2023.”

The father also alleged that before her daughter's death, she gave her husband N4.7 million and he promised to be paying gradually.

 “But as I speak to you now, he has just built his house with another woman who bore him a child the same time my daughter gave birth to his second child called Gabriella.”

The father also told this Vanguard that after her daughter's death, police have not made any arrest while, according to him, the suspect is seen daily on the street boasting that no one can arrest him. 

Mother, son opens up

Mother of the deceased, Blessing Obasi alleged also that her daughter was killed by her husband and urges security agents to avenge her daughter’s death as the husband has been boasting that no one can arrest him.  Also speaking, son of the late Mrs. Janet who gave his name as Wisdom said; “as at 2019, my mom told me that she wanted to remarry due to the fact that she was the only one catering for the whole family and she was tired.  I told her she should just face her church and don’t remarry since she already have four (4) of us who are boys. She said no, she will remarry or am I the one that will marry her. Finally, she saw a guy called Philip and this is a man that does not want to see my mom's children around her. Anytime we visited, he will be telling my mom to let her children go to their apartment.

How we were chased out of mum’s house , “So, I was staying with my grandparents and because of that, she just caught off everything that has to do with me. Around 2021, she gave birth to a girl, we went to see her and when we got there, her husband started asking what we were doing in his house. I was like; can’t I come to my mom house again? So, before we knew it, he started fighting me and my grandparents. It is true; my mom has been telling me that the man used to beat her even when she was pregnant.

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