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Sunday, June 18, 2023

How community leader killed lover, flee in Delta

Former Vice Chairman of Okolor Inland community, Udu Local Government Area, Delta state, Austin Ejovwo, has murdered his lover, Felicia Akpomeria and fled.

The deceased 45 year old Felicia, a single mother of four was found in  the lover's bedroom apartment in her pool of blood.

The incidence which blew open on Friday afternoon is already causing tension between Ubogo (Victim's Community) and Okolor inland (Suspect's Community).

Delta Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bright Edafe confirmed the incident in a terse text message.

"Ubogo woman was found dead in her own pool of blood on the bed of her ex husband," Edafe said.

According to the victim's relation, Godwin Laya, "Felicia was aged 45 with four children, three girls and a boy from her failed marriage before meeting the suspect. 

She was the only child of her father, the aged mother is alive.

"Felicia was called by Austin to come over to Okolor on Thursday evening. On Friday afternoon, we got call from Okolor that Austin has killed Felicia.

"So I sent two emissaries, when they returned and confirm the report, I and others joined them and we went over there.

"On getting there, we found Police from Ovwian already removing her corpse in an ambulance and they invited us over to the station. Felicia daughter and others have made statement.

"We were told that when neighbours didn't hear from Austin on Friday morning, they decided to check his door and discovered he left at night, so they went to the back window and peeped, from there they saw Felicia in her pool of blood.

"This led them to raise alarm and the door was broken down, on getting to the room, several fetish and idols worshipping paraphernalia littered the floor. Felicia fully naked corpse was rested on a corner.

"Several matchet blows were seen at the back of head and chest. We don't know whether any organ has been removed because she was covered in blood." Laya mournfully narrated.

Another family member who crave anonymity said, "The daughter told us that Austin was owing Felicia over N300,000 and has called Austin to demand the money.

"That after several calls, Austin in the evening of Thursday called her to come at night. We didn't know he has such devilish intention." She added.

A video of the incident showed the naked Victim in her pool with native chalks, red and white fetish materials littering the scattered bedroom but cannot ascertain if organs are missing.


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