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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Buying new vehicles ,waste of money -Uba Sani

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has said he would continue to use the vehicles used by his predecessor as changing new ones would be a waste of money. 

He spoke  at a meetings with heads of the state’s parastatals, adding that "changing the vehicles in the Governor’s convoy when it is not that anything is wrong with them, is tantamount to waste of public resources."

At the  meeting,  journalists were told that the governor said his priorities were security and welfare of Kaduna State citizens, and not his personal comfort.

The Governor said, “unlike  in some states, all the vehicles in the Governor’s convoy are intact in Kaduna State and the vehicles are the ones I am using. I don’t need to waste public resources to buy new cars.

“The Governor emphasized that, he had promised throughout his campaigns and even while taking oath of office on May 29, to prioritize security and welfare of the citizens of Kaduna state, therefore he will use the commonwealth of the people to ensure their safety and wellbeing, not on frivolous things like changing vehicles that are not damaged.” 

"Governor Uba Sani also said that, “our government will be focusing on rural development to discourage rural-urban migration, which is putting unnecessary pressure on the facilities in the urban centers.

“He said, his government has plans to ensure standard education and primary healthcare, as well as security in the rural areas. This he said will make farmers stay back and concentrate on agriculture, which is the mainstay of Kaduna and Nigeria’s economy.”

"Governor Uba Sani was passionate about development of Kaduna State and welfare of its people than living in affluence as  State chief executive.

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