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Sunday, May 28, 2023

YCL urges Tinubu to focus on insecurity, job creation, restructuring

By Editor

As Nigerians await the official swearing-in of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the nation's President on Monday, the Yoruba Commitment Leaders (YCL), has called on Tinubu to "hit the ground running, as he promised during his electioneering campaign.

The group, specifically charged the incoming government of Asiwaju Tinubu to focus on some critical areas, including security, job creation, arrest of inflation and restructuring, for the socio-economic development of the country and welfare of its citizens

The group, in a statement jointly signed by Hon. Tayo Onayemi, Barr Akeem Aponmade, and seven others, titled "Our Charge to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was made available to Vanguard in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

The statement read, "as critical stakeholders in the success of this new administration, we want to charge our new President on the heavy tasks ahead of him and advise him to hit the ground running, as he has promised Nigerians that he would do". 

"We want to draw the attention of His Excellency, President Tinubu to the following very critical areas, including security, job creation, arrest of inflation and restructuring". 

The group said, "insecurity has become the greatest nightmare of the ordinary Nigerian for more than six years now". 

It noted that "provision of security of lives and property is the number one duty of any responsible government, stressing that the new President should seriously address this problem that has become a national embarrassment and effect a positive turn around to guarantee the safety of the life of the ordinary Nigerian". 

On job creation, the group said, while successive administrations since independence had placed high emphasis on establishment of tertiary institutions, it noted that they failed to be proactive in tackling the attendant problem of job demands by the products of the institutions established. 

"Today, we have job challenges for our youths at all levels. It is the duty of the government to create the enabling environment for employment opportunities for Nigerians through policies that will encourage foreign direct investment, voluntary repatriation of exported capital, industrialisation and massive investment in agro-allied business.  We call on the new government to take this issue very seriously".

The YCL charged the new President to work towards bringing inflation to a single digit within the first two years of his administration.

"The runaway inflationary trend we have been experiencing in Nigeria is symptomatic of lack of adequate economic planning and execution on the part of the government and the practical consequence of this is that life has become harder for the average Nigerian as even staple foodstuff has become out of reach for many". 

"There may be nations going through worse situations than Nigeria, but the undeniable truth is that inflation has swelled the number of the poorest of the poor among us". 

The group reiterated its position and conviction that without equity, justice and fairness, there cannot be unity in Nigeria, urging the President to put in place machinery for the restructuring of the Nigerian nation to pave way for development, peace and unity. 

"We know that the task of unifying Nigeria, now placed upon the shoulders of President Tinubu, is not a light one, especially given the fractious state of the country today. For us in YCL, our belief and agitation for a free Yoruba nation was borne out of historical injustices in the Nigerian federation. While we welcome the emergence of the Nigeria President from among us, we nonetheless look up to the President to team up with the National Assembly and the States’ Houses of Assembly to address the issue of the Nigerian Federation and how we can institute justice, equity and fairness amongst the federating groups". 

It expressed confidence that the new President will move the country forward in leaps and bounds. 

"President Tinubu is not a president by accident. He is a prepared Head of Government and State. We are persuaded that having attained the highest height possible in any Nigerian’s life, what remains for him is to build a national legacy of performance which he did in Lagos and which was his selling point during the electioneering campaign. It is that legacy that will make him enter into the pantheon of the immortals like the Great Awo, Nelson Mandela and Lee Kuan Yew".

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