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Monday, May 8, 2023

Why we want to stop Tinubu's swear-in - Eholor

A chieftain of the Labour Party, Chief Patrick Eholor, has explained why the Chief Justice of the Federation, CJN, should not swear-in Ahmed Bola Tinubu as President based on the fact that the constitutional requirements were not meet as provided.

Eholor alleged that Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress,APC, rigged the presidential election in connivance with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, therefore robbing Nigerians of their mandate.

He said: "This must not be allowed to stand in this country. How can a man who didn't score up to 25 per cent in Abuja even be considering becoming president? Why is our judiciary silent on this matter,why is this illegality threatening the Rule of Law?

"The judiciary must never allow the constitution to be rubbed on the mud by letting this illegality take place.

"What the judiciary must do is to ensure that the tribunal is held, and that it is transparent, so that the next president may be declared. This has to take place before anyone is sworn in.

"And to the CJN, don't end democratic leadership in Nigeria by swearing in someone who stole the mandate of over 100 million Nigerians."

However, he called the CJN to exercise the powers of the judiciary as provided in the constitution.

"Finally, let me state here that, just as the Law gave INEC the power to make a declaration, it also gave the judiciary power to reverse it.

"You must let the Election Tribunal take it's course before a president is decided. Take action, before you burn Nigeria down", he warned.

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