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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

“Help women without you asking to sleep with them”- Biodun Okeowo advise men

Popular Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo has called on men to extend their support to women without demanding anything in return.

The actress urged men to change this narrative by extending genuine support to women without expecting any form of intimate favors in return.

The post read: “Saw this on @mufasatundeednut page. God bless you 😆. I hope they listen. Even Jesus gave us his life without collecting anything. Men!!! Change your ways !”

“Men. Help that lady, help that women without you asking to sleep with them. It’s not everybody you go knack nay. Help these women without asking for anything in return”

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The call to action from Biodun Okeowo resonated with many, as social media platforms were flooded with support for her stance while some tackle her.

One fan wrote, ” Women love that man and make him happy without asking for money nau ! You can definitely love without asking for money on the first chat / date !”

Another one wrote, ” Even Jesus gave up his life for us without collecting anything …”

Another one wrote, ” Why are women always looking for help? Is there a limitation for them to be successful and become a helper too? The same birthing process, exposure to the same academic structures, and nature offer both genders the same opportunities, suddenly men grew up to come to a giver and women grew up to become help seekers. Just thinking aloud, at what point do women lose the potential of being the giver?”

Another one wrote, ” Women should stop taking advantage of men’s generosity too.”

Another one wrote, ” Make women help us too na. na only women need help? we men need help too jare”

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