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Monday, May 22, 2023

Don't sack Jose Peseiro - Super Eagles 'Senior Players plead

Reports say Super Eagles SENIOR PLAYERS are asking the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) not to sack Jose Peseiro.

The reports further revealed that the so called SENIOR PLAYERS are pleading with the NFF to give the Portuguese one year contract extension which will allow him complete the AFCON qualifiers and possibly prosecute the tournament if the team qualifies.

This writer dare ask, who are these SENIOR PLAYERS? Were they part of the games Peseiro anchored with the unpleasant results recorded?

Did these SENIOR PLAYERS feature in the defeat by Guinea Bissau in Abuja? What was or were their contributions towards ensuring the coach secured good results in the games so far played to support their present clamour to retain him?

If the SENIOR PLAYERS cannot play under a new coach, they should quit the team immediately after all, we are yet to see or witness anything special about them even before Peseiro's arrival.

These were the same SENIOR PLAYERS who couldn't make the nation and football stakeholders proud or happy during the last AFCON. These same SENIOR PLAYERS couldn't show or display "seniority" by bringing in their experience to bear on the team to qualify for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

These are same SENIOR PLAYERS most of whom cannot command first team shirts in their respective clubs abroad. These are same SENIOR PLAYERS battling relegation with their clubs across Europe. The same SENIOR PLAYERS who are playing in second division clubs in Europe.

They're same SENIOR PLAYERS whose presence in the team has made it impossible for new and younger players with better prospects and potential to come into the team.

These SENIOR PLAYERS owe Nigerians an apology for hurting them by failing to qualify for the World Cup which led to the actions of irate fans who vandalized the MKO Abiola stadium Abuja. The repair or fixing of the damaged items in the stadium cost or will cost the Federal Government a fortune which is from taxpayers sweat.

This writer owes no one apology to submit here that the SENIOR PLAYERS should do Nigerians a favour by keeping quiet and facing their jobs which is getting good results on the field of play. We're sti pained by Qatar 2022 miss.

They shouldn't remind us of the mockery from Ghana and Ghanaians who called them Super Chickens. Have they forgotten that actor John Dumelo said he would trek barefooted from Accra to Lagos if Super Eagles pick the Qatar 2022 World Cup ticket ahead of Black Stars?

Again I repeat for sake of emphasis if, they can't play under a new coach or manager, they should honourably bow out. Their advice to the NFF is tantamount to suggesting that their best could only be guaranteed under Peseiro. We are yet to see that best after how many games under Peseiro.

Some of these same SENIOR PLAYERS have been bad influence in the team and their behaviour rubs off on the new and younger players. SENIOR PLAYERS who stroll on the pitch for Super Eagles but play as if their lives depend on such games for their clubs? SENIOR PLAYERS who dress like models, actors, artistes and fashion designers in Super Eagles camp but humble themselves and get much more serious before their club managers or coaches?

They SENIOR PLAYERS must know that the NFF doesn't owe them any excuse or explanation on which coach to hire or fire. And if the NFF owes them explanations, they SENIOR PLAYERS should tell us the role they played before Gernot Rohr was fired....and as well confirm if they (SENIOR PLAYERS) endorsed the appointment of Peseiro in the first instance.

Once a coach isn't getting the desired result, he gets fired. Short and simple. Peseiro isn't and won't be the first and or last coach to be hired and or fired by the NFF. The job of coaching unfortunately is about hiring and firing. You can only make a case for a coach churning in splendid results with a good team.

By a good team we are talking about a team with a bunch of committed players who guarantee their fans quality performance even in defeat.

These SENIOR PLAYERS cannot beat their chests to say the present Super Eagles which they're part of is a good team. So why protect the coach?

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