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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Assault on Police Officer: PSC demands immediate prosecution of Seun Kuti

The Police Service Commission has condemned the assault of a Police Officer in uniform and on official duty in Lagos by Seun Kuti.

The Commission commended the Inspector General of Police, Baba Usman Alkali, for his prompt action in ordering the arrest and prosecution of Seun who obviously has diminished the sanctity of the symbol of authority of the Nigerian nation.

A statement signed by its spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani also said "The Commission demands that the culprit must be arraigned immediately and that the Inspector General must ensure that the matter is followed to its logical conclusion to restore public confidence in the Nigeria Police as the lead agency in internal security and in its ability to maintain law and order and also protect lives and properties.

Chairman of the Commission, Dr.Solomon Arase, said "no matter the offence the Police Officer committed, nobody, including Seun Kuti has the right to assault a Policeman in uniform and on official duty".

Dr. Arase "frowned at the effrontry of Seun to slap the Police Officer, insisting that Nigeria is not a Hobbesian State where might is right. 

"We must as a civilized  people explore established channels of complaints against alleged infractions by law enforcement Officials rather than this uncouth behavior in assaulting  the symbol of authority in our country" he noted.

"We look forward to the prompt prosecution of Seun to act as a deterrent to others of his ilk" Dr. Arase added.

He further commended the Police Officer for refusing to be provoked by the action of his aggressor, a development he said would have been more fatal.

The PSC Chairman said it was unfortunate that at a  time the Management of the Nigeria Police were dealing decisively with Officers who harass, intimidate or assault civilians on our roads and work places, the same Police Officers have become victims of the actions of some uncultured elites.

He said the Police should use the present incident to set an example that this will never be tolerated in Nigeria, a country governed by laws, rules and regulations.

The Chairman noted that the groundswell of public opinion against the conduct of the abuser is indicative of the love and respect Nigerians have for the law enforcement Officers.

 This he said underscores the need for all  Police Officers to continually respect the right of the populace and be professional in all their conduct.

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